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Tags: anti-spam, mail, smtp

Contributors: Marcus Kimpenhaus

Current Version: 0.4


The plugin is based on code by Hendrik Sgries.

Getting It

The most recent packaged versions is available at marcus' blog.

You can browse the source and get various earlier versions at dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/wp-mail-validator.



  • unzip folder and upload it to wp-content/plugins/wp-mail-validator

(actual you could use a folder name of your choice within the plugins folder)

  • If you are using WordPress 2.0.x you can skipp this point otherwise you have to insert this sql-statements on your database:

CREATE TABLE <<table_name>> (
 eaten INT(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
 UNIQUE KEY id (id)

INSERT INTO <<table_name>> SET eaten = 0;

Before executing replace <<table_name>> with a table name of your choice - maybe wp_mail_validator If you change the table name - open wp-mail-validator.php and replace $table_prefix . "mail_validator" with the table name you choose

  • go to the plugin panel of the admin section and activate the plugin


  • go to the plugin panel of the admin section and deactivate the plugin
  • delete all previous plugin files in the choosen wp-mail-validator plugin folder
  • up to version 0.4 unzip and upload contents to the choosen plugin folder
  • go to the plugin panel of the admin section and activate the plugin

How to use

This plugin works out of the box. The only thing you can customize is the possibility to show a label like: Protected by: WP-Mail-Validator - x comment(s) eaten'''

You can use this in your Theme by calling:

if (function_exists("wp_mail_validator_info_label"))
    echo wp_mail_validator_info_label("<p>", "</p>");    

Where "<p>" and "</p>" could be any Strings which will be placed before and after the info label.

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