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WP-EMail Upgrade Instructions For Version 2.0x To Version 2.06

Deactivate WP-EMail plugin

Open wp-content/plugins folder


  1. Folder: email

Open root Wordpress folder


  1. wp-email.php

Activate WP-EMail plugin

Go to 'WP-Admin -> EMail -> EMail Options' and restore all the template variables to Default

WP-EMail Upgrade Instructions For Version 1.0x To Version 2.05

Deactivate WP-EMail plugin

Delete these file if exists

  1. wp-content/plugins/email.php
  2. wp-admin/email-options.php
  3. wp-admin/email-manager.php
  4. wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php
  5. wp-includes/class-smtp.php
  6. wp-includes/functions-wp-email.php

Open wp-content/plugins folder


  1. Folder: email

Activate back WP-EMail plugin


  • You MAY Need To Re-Generate The Permalink.
  • Options -> Permalinks Options -> Update Permalink Structure

Refer to readme-install.txt for further usage instructions

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