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    4 <p> 
    5 First off, you may be wondering, where did all the content go? Well, it's moved into the readme.txt file included with the plugin.  Why, well because I am "forking" it.  I have stopped 
    6 developing rssLinkList, which was dependant on the lastRSS library for its rss feed parsing.  Now there is feedList 2.0b which uses magpie.  I didn't use magpie previously to WP 1.5 becuase it took more effort for people to setup than lastRSS.  However, with wp 1.5 including magpie it is silly for me not to go to magpie for my feed parsing. 
    7 </p> 
    8 <p>So now you know that rssLinkList is now called feedList.  Why the name change? Well, that is the coolest part of changing to magpie.  feedList also supports Atom feeds.  So if you want to include a blog from blogspot or anything else that is syndicated using Atom feeds then feedList will work for it and all the stuff it always worked with (rss in all it's flavors).</p> 
    9 <p>feedList is also easier to install and configure than was rssLinkList.  You no longer have to define a cache directory - as wordpress handles the feed caching within it's magpie code by caching it in the database.</p> 
    10 <p>Now, you may want to know why it is at version 2 already and why it is in beta.  Well, I called it version 2 because it is totally based off of rssLinkList and all of the old rssLinkList functions are still supported thus if you upgrade by removing rssLinkList and installing feedList you're old feeds will still work on your site.  As to why it is a beta version well, thats basically because one new, big, feature isn't done yet.  I'm working on an administrative interface where you can manage all the feeds that you import and that lets you import all the feeds into your sidebar via one single function call instead of a seperate call for each feed.   This new admin interface is wholly inspired by the initial effort of James Lewis at http://jameslewis.com as was the encouragement to use Magpie and to support Atom feeds.</p> 
    11 <p>I am writing all of this on the 14th of Oct 2005 and hope to have the admin screen/functionality done within the next 2-3 weeks as I can only work on it sporadically.  However, until then I still encourage you to upgrade to feedList 2.0b as it includes some fixes for the "filter" capabilities that let you embed a feed in a post that I am not fixing in rssLinkList.</p> 
    13 <p class="p1">There are two versions of rssLinkList/feedList: 
    14         <ul> 
    15                 <li><a href="http://dev.wp-plugins.org/file/rss-linked-list/rssLinkList.zip">rssLinkList 0.92</a> - for versions of wordpress pre wordpress 1.5</li> 
    16                 <li><a href="http://dev.wp-plugins.org/file/rss-linked-list/feedlist.zip">feedList 2.0 beta</a> - for version of wordpress 1.5+</li> 
    17         </ul> 
    18 </p> 
     4Please visit the plugin homepage at: <a href="http://rawlinson.us/blog/articles/feedlist-plugin/">feedList Plugin Home</a> for the most recent information, news, and version of the plugin.