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Zoto Image Chooser Plugin

v1.0.0 - August 16, 2005 Trey Stout

This plugin allows you to post images from your zoto.com account directly from WordPress. While writing a post or a page, you have a zoto link inside your quick links. Much like the current image button. Your images from zoto appear in a popup, where you can select a few, their display sizes, and their alt text. Then the code is dumped into your post window.

Also has a built in config screen under 'Options' in your WordPress admin section.


1: Installing the Code: unzip zoto_chooser-1.0.0.zip into /path/to/<wordpress>/wp-content/plugins directory. You will then have a file named 'zoto_chooser-1.0.0.php' and a directory called 'zoto_chooser-1.0.0' which contains the css and libs for this plugin.

2: Activating the Plugin Login to wordpress, and go to the plugins menu. Find the plugin named "Zoto.com Photo Chooser" and click on activate next to it.

3: Configuring the Plugin Click on "Options" in the wordpress admin area. There should be a new secondary tab named "Zoto Plugin" now. Click this tab. Enter your login information for zoto into the form. Also verify the path to the directory that came in the zipfile. The recommended path should be fine if you didn't rename the directory.

4: Using the Plugin Now go to write a new page or post in the wordpress admin area. You should now notice a new button on the quicktags row called "Zoto Image". Click this button and a new popup window will open up, and fetch the tags and images from the zoto account you setup in step 3. This window has a help button incase your need further explanation. Pick a few pictures, then hit next. Now select the size of the images, and click done. Tada, nice linked images to your zoto pages directly from wordpress.

5: Enjoy Post to your heart's content.


If menus aren't appearing, make sure that you unzipped the zoto package in the correct directory (usually wp-content/plugins)

If the popup has a 404 Not Found page in it, make sure that you have the correct path set (step 3). If the popup can't find the included code, you will get nowhere.

If the popup says something about invalid authorization, make sure you have your correct account information entered in the zoto options (step 3). NOTE: This information should be your *zoto username and password* NOT your wordpress username and password!

If you have any other trouble, feel free to post in the zoto forums. (http://www.zoto.com/forum)

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