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wpWikka is a WordPress plugin which adds complete set of wiki markup support to WordPress posts. I am currently using it at my DevCorner Web Programming site. There are already few other wiki markup WordPress plugins available, but this has some unique features:

  • Full set of wiki syntax support.
  • Supports add-ons through simple yet effective mechanism.
  • CamelCase links to posts.
  • CSS styles for different kind of links (internal, external, etc.)
  • Special <wikka> tag to enclose the part of the post processed by the plugin.
  • You can use empty tag (<wikka />) to specify that the whole rest of the post is wiki markup.
  • Embedded syntax higlighting.
  • RSS syndication add-on (currently in beta stage)
  • RSS aggregator add-on (currently in beta stage)
  • Auto CSS meta tag refered in the plugin directory for use in multiple themes.

The plugin is inspired by Wikka Wakka Wiki and forks the core parser from it, so it inherits most of the Wikka features. But there are also some specific or extended features not found in Wikka.

Current Status: Stable/Release
Latest Stable Release:1.0
Latest Release: 1.0
Plugin Home: wpWikka Wiki markup plugin for WordPress
Download: wpWikka Download

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Although this is a plugin with a lot of features it is easy to install.

  1. Download the wp-wikka distribution and extract it into the wp-content/plugins WordPress directory.
  2. Login to the WordPress Administrator go to the "Plugins" panel and activate the wpWikka plugin.

Responsible for this plugin is baobab.

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