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(nee del.icio.us-to-WordPress) — This is a PHP script that will grab the RSS from del.icio.us and add/update the entries in your WordPress blog.

Unlike other plugins, this posts your del.icio.us links as entries (one-per link). This allows you get Kottke-style inline remaindered links.

It pulls your bookmarks from any del.icio.us RSS feed, giving you fine-grained control over what is imported. Additionally, any changes you make the the del.icio.us entry will be reflected in your blog the next time the script is run.

Requirements / Prerequistes

This plugin has been developed for, and only tested on, WordPress Please do not attempt to use this plugin with WP 1.2 or anything else of that nature. This plugin requires the Magpie RSS parser


You can find the latest version and information here: == http://heisel.org/projects/ ==

Feature Suggestions / Bug Reports

You may contact me at del2wp@… if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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