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WPLists is a WordPress plugin which facilitates the use and management of lists directly from the WordPress Administrative User Interface. This means you can create a list of anything you want and then add, edit or update that list anyway you please from one centralized location.

Usually, when you create a list in an entry or post, you hardly ever go back to update it because it’s a hassle to go back, find the appropriate entry and then edit it. Not to mention the hassle it is to muck around in the HTML to simply add or remove list entries. Wouldn’t it just be easier if this all controlled in through the administrative console? Wouldn’t it be better if it was dynamic? By using this plugin, you are consolidating all your lists into one central location which can be dynamically updated no matter where it appears or how many times it appears.

You can simply use the custom <list id="#" /> tag to embed a list inside a post or page. In addition to embedding lists inside posts or entries, you can also call the methods from any included WordPress .php file using the several provided API methods to display and manipulate those lists throughout your website.

Requirements / Prerequistes

This plugin has been developed for, and only tested on, the alpha nightly builds (WordPress 1.5a6+). Please do not attempt to use this plugin with WP 1.2 or anything else of that nature.


You can find the latest version and information here: == http://www.navidazimi.com/projects/wp-lists ==

Feature Suggestions / Bug Reports

You may contact me at wp-lists@… if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just plain old praise.

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