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README for WP-Morph

WP-Morph is an anti-spam plugin for WordPress. Features:

  • No capcha. The user don't have to enter any additional code.
  • JavaScript support required in the browser.
  • Spammers would have to interpret the JavaScript in the page to be able to submit comments. As far as I know, no one spammer in the world process a page including the JavaScript.


  • Edit the following lines (in wp-morph.php) to put a random value of your own:
/// Put some random value here!!!
// Greater than 0, and less than 1000000
$rnd_val = xxx;
/// Put some random value here!!!
  • Copy wp-morph.php in the WordPress plugin directory (normally WP-ROOT/wp-content/plugins/ ).
  • Go to the "Plugins" menu of the WordPress Admin console.
  • Activate the "WP-Morph" plugin.

That's it!! Bye, bye, spam!!


For more info, please visit:



(For feedback/comments, please send an e-mail to: dsevilla@… ).

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