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WPG2 Plug-in, embeds the Gallery2 Application within the Wordpress Application, allowing Wordpress Authors to share photos uploaded into Gallery2 seamlessly into the Wordpress Blog and Sidebar content.

Specifically the plug-in performs the following:

  • Allows Gallery Images, Albums Highlight Images to be inserted into Blog Entries via Tags
  • Allows Gallery Images, Albums Hightlight Images to be displayed as "Random" blocks in the Wordpress Sidebar
  • Seamless management of Gallery2 users via Wordpress User Maintenance
  • Creation/Deletion of Gallery2 User Groups.
  • Assignment of Wordpress Users to Gallery2 User Groups

With control over the following Gallery2 Features:

  • Album and Image Frames
  • Header and Footers while displaying Gallery2 Content
  • Thumbnail Sizes
  • Sidebar Blocks selection (Known as Gallery2 Random Blocks)

With the following aspects, secured by Wordpress User Levels:

  • Create Gallery2 Users
  • Delete Gallery2 Users
  • Display Gallery2 Users
  • Gallery2 Groups Creation / Deletion / Membership

*Support Forums *Download Downloads (Gallery2 Wordpress Theme and WPG2 Plug In Files) *Blogs Developers Blogs

(See Gallery2 Image Chooser plugin for TinyMCE if you're using WPG2 with WordPress 2.0 and/or TinyMCE. It will preserve your WPG2 tags with TinyMCE, which is the rich-text editor in WordPress 2.0. (More info on WP 2.0 - WPG 1.0 compatibility))

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