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Contributors: Mark Jaquith

Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that allows commenters to receive subsequent comments to the post as e-mails.


The latest version of Subscribe To Comments is version 2.0.4 and you can download it as a zip archive from:


The latest cutting edge development code is available here:

http://svn.wp-plugins.org/subscribe-to-comments/branches/development/ (SVN) http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/subscribe-to-comments/branches/development/ (Trac)

If you want to use SVN to get the latest stable release, point your SVN client here:



  1. Put subscribe-to-comments.php into the [wordpress_dir]/wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Put wp-subscription-manager.php into your blog's root WordPress directory (the directory where wp-config.php resides)
  3. Go into the WordPress admin interface and activate the plugin
  4. Optional: if your WordPress 1.5 theme doesn't have the comment_form hook, or if you would like to manually determine where in your comments form the subscribe checkbox appears, enter this where you would like it: <?php show_subscription_checkbox(); ?> If you had the original version 1.0 of Subscribe to Commments by ScriptyGoddess, you'll want to remove the manually inserted HTML for the checkbox, as this new function will take care of the code for you.
  5. Optional: If you would like to enable users to subscribe to comments without having to leave a comment, place this somewhere in your template, but make sure it is outside the comments form. A good place would be right after the ending </form> tag for the comments form: <?php show_manual_subscription_form(); ?>
  6. Optional: For people who want to use a internationalized version of Subscribe to Comments 2.0, place the MO translation file in /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Rename it subscribe-to-comments-XX_XX.mo (French version would be subscribe-to-comments-fr_FR.mo) and you are ready for i18n.

Support and Updates

To submit a bug, feature request or support ticket fill in the ticket form found at:


Existing support tickets can be viewed here:

Subscribe to Comments tickets

If you find any critical security-related bugs, you may reach Mark at http://txfx.net/contact/

Calling all translators! Translations are desperately needed. Download the latest .pot file and start translating! You can upload the file here by clicking "Attach File" at the bottom of the screen. Important: your .mo files should be named as such: subscribe-to-comments-LANG.mo where LANG is your language code (like es_ES for Spanish or it_IT for Italian). If you contribute a .mo file (would be nice to upload .po as well), add your name as a Translator. Thanks!


  1. How do people unsubscribe from comments?
  2. At the bottom of every comment e-mail notification they get will be a special link to the Comment Subscription Manager where they can unsubscribe to one or many comment threads. Also, if they view the comment form for the post they are subscribed to (and they haven't deleted their comment cookie), they will see a "You are subscribed to this post" message with a link to the Comment Subscription Manager
  1. Can I place a "Subscription Manager" link on my front page or on my sidebar?
  2. Not at this time. Currently, the link/checkbox needs to be on your permalink page within your comment form. If you think about it, users really have little need to access the subscription manager from the main page. Generally, people unsubscribe to threads as they receive the notifications by clicking the link included in every e-mail. Seeing the e-mail reminds them "oh, I don't want to get notifications for this post anymore" and they click the link right there. This might change if there is enough demand.
  1. Is version compatable with the original Subscribe to Comments 1.0 by ScriptyGoddess?
  2. Yes! Although the underlying code has been almost completely rewritten, the data structure has not been depreciated, so your old subscriptions will continue to work. After replacing the subscribe-to-comments.php file in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and the wp-subscription-manager.php file in the WordPress root directory, you only have to do one thing to complete the upgrade. The old method of adding the checkbox to the comment form was to add the HTML in manually. This time, you just use a simple function call, so you should replace that old HTML with


  1. Mark Jaquith (current development)
  2. Jennifer "ScriptyGoddess" (version 1)


  1. Arnaud Froment French, fr_FR
  2. Erick Rios Spanish, es_MX
  3. Pietro "Uncino" Fistetto (WordPress Italy Team) Italian, it_IT
  4. Anton Skorobogatov (Team Wordpress.ru) Russian, ru_RU
  5. Villas Brazilian Portuguese, pt_BR
  6. Michaël De Graeve Dutch, nl_NL
  7. McShelby German, de_DE
  8. Samuel Aguilera Spanish, es_ES
  9. Maxon Pugovsky Ukrainian, uk_UA
  1. HiA Hungarian, hu_HU
  1. Krzysztof Lityński (Kei Kikuchi) Polish, pl_PL
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