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This plugin simply blocks spam. Install it and forget it.

Now upgraded to v. 1.0rc7, includes an easy to use admin config panel, and an interface to Kitten's Regex Service.

Important Information

Versions 1.0rc4 and later only work with WP 1.5 cvs and nightlies dated later that January 5th, 2005.

Change Log:

  • 0.1a - initial release
  • 0.2a - add more stuff
  • 0.3a - add whitelisting, fix checker function
  • 0.3b - fix debug code error
  • 0.4a - changed even more stuff
  • 0.5a - add crapflood check, change default values
  • 0.6a - add stike if no email,etc
  • 0.6b - fix php error
  • 0.7a - add check for empty email (Donncha)
  • 0.8a - add encoded char check, from functions.php
  • 0.9a - add post ID check, from techgnome
  • 0.9b - clean up email stuff & version
  • 0.10a - add user regex for especially annoying spam
  • 0.10b - fix user regex bug
  • 0.10c - fix another user regex bug
  • 0.10d - clean up code, add TODO
  • 0.11a - add URL check, fix strpos errors, interface for $strike_cnt
  • 0.11b - add user regex for email
  • 1.0rc - Release candidate, add GPL license
  • 1.0rc2 - Add admin page skel, 1.2 fixes, name whitelisting, "how" in email, clear TODOs fix excessive links bug, change default for no referrer, double stripslashes on the comment (to make the comment_url filter work to detect strange urls), fix html entities
  • 1.0rc3 - Add check for real url in URL field, expand character entities check, check all urls for dashes (most spam urls have dashes). Change user_regex_c to hopefully catch the garbage spammer. Add record keeping on passed comments.
  • 1.0rc4 - Now used now 'preprocess' comment filter hook, only works with v1.5 nightlies from Jan 5th or later. New email address for returned mail.
  • 1.0rc5 - New shiny admin interface + Kitten's regex service.
  • 1.0rc6 - Fix install bug.
  • 1.0rc7 - Sanitize regex service text, trim form fields.
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