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sid-mp3-player is a small plugin especially for podcasters and other audiophiles. In short, it gives you a mp3 player based on Flash so your visitors can listen to stuff you selected.

In long, it's a little bit more complicated, but not much. The plugin scans through the custom values of a post to find mp3 files it can play. It looks for the keys enclosure and mp3. So, if you want to add a playable mp3 to your post, you first have to decide whether your visitors should easily be able to download the file. Podcasters do want this, but if you're just adding some background music, you probably don't want it. If there should be a download link, just add the link normally and Wordpress will find it for the Podcast-Feed (Podcasters don't have to do anything else than normally. That's what I call comfort.). There'll be a link to the file on your site and in your RSS-Feed. If you don't want them to download the file, add a custom field "mp3" with the URI of the file as value. Theoretically, they can still download the file and find its address in the source of the page, but it's not clearly visible to all people. But don't feel to secure! The latest version introduces a new feature: By calling <?php sid_mp3_player(array('file1','file2')); ?> you can specify which tracks can be played directly. No Loop or post needed, so you can put this in the sidebar!

Installation is quite easy:

  • Download either from the tags (more or less stable) or the trunk (latest version).
  • Drop the sid_mp3_player.php into your plugin directory
  • Drop the kubrik.swf into your root directory
  • Edit the appropriate template: Add <?php sid_mp3_player(); ?> where you want the player to be.

Customization is a bit harder, but not strictly needed:

  • If you want a different text if the visitor doesn't have the Flash plugin, call sid_mp3_player('Different Text'); instead.
  • If you want a different player skin, get the skin you want (either download one or make your own), upload it into the root directory and change sid_mp3_player.php: Replace "kubrik.swf" with the new file name, and edit the height and width for the player. That's it.

sid_mp3_player is based on the wonderful emff player by Marc Reichelt. You'll find new skins for it either there or at http://loudblog.de/index.php?s=download . The PHP code is done by Fabian "Sidney" Winter. Everything is GPL'd.

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