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Scripturizer 2.0 for Wordpress


Features To Add

  • Ability to insert Bible text from the post composition window (maybe even the comment composition window).
  • Move all options to the database so they can be controlled by the admin panel
  • create a documentation page for the plugin in the admin panel
  • Figure out how the code can know whether it's an OT or NT reference (for original languages).
  • Give option to put ESV verse text in the TITLE attribute of the A tag.
  • Offer the option to automatically put the verse text in a footnote (via integrating one of the nice already existing footnote plugins).
  • Exploit the new XML interface from zhubert.com for similar purposes to the ESV
  • Add support for f & ff
  • Add support for & verse references
  • Add news panel just like Spam Karma 2 - great idea and easy to implement. Find a way to store it here in Trac if possible.
  • Allow users to specify which site they want to use as a default when multiple sites offer the same translations (i.e., where should KJV be served from?) Maybe there's some way to let them express a ranking between Bible Gateway, Zhubert, and Blue Letter Bible and then serve the translation from whichever site offers it and ranks highest.
  • Adding an option to define a style for the references and to optionally implement target="_blank" for the references.

Bugs To Fix

  • http://dev.wp-plugins.org/query?action=view&component=scripturizer&order=priority
  • One person has reported that Scripturizer static mode will not query any chapters in Mark other than chapter 4.
  • Handle multi-chapter references more effectively
  • The current Java Script for the show/hide ESV text option has a small bug. When you have multiple verses on a page, if you click to "show" one verse, you have to double click to show another verse unless you click on the original verse to hide it first.


  • Play nice with the ESV plugin (the one with [bible] bible interface) - we need to skip parsing text inside those tags
  • Fixed weird bug where a sentence like "The 3 of us went downtown" triggered a link to 1 Thessalonians chapter 3
  • Added some new book abbreviations
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