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Scripturizer 1.5


Scripturizer is a WordPress plugin that automatically converts plain text Scripture references into online Bible hyperlinks. This page refers to the Wordpress 1.5 compatible version of the plugin. For later or older versions, follow the links at the central Scripturizer documentation.

New Features in 1.5

  • Administration options panel which makes Scripturizer easier to install and manage.
  • Easy 2-Click Installation - No source code edits required!
    1. Download Scripturizer 1.5
    2. Upload scripturizer.php to your /wp-content/plugins directory
    3. Click 1: Go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress Administrator Console and activate the Scripturizer plugin
    4. Click 2: Go to the Options tab in your WordPress Administrator Console and then select the Scripturizer sub page. Either accept or modify the default values, and then click the update options button to store your initial settings. It's that easy!
  • Show/Hide ESV verse text: Scripturizer 1.5 allows you to take advantage of the great free ESV web service offered by The ESV Bible. When you activate the show/hide option, Scripturizer will put the passage's text in your page with a show/hide link.
  • Optional link to open reference in a new browser window
    • To use this feature, save a copy of new-window.gif to your /wp-content directory
    • Using the admin panel you can edit the CSS for the new window link

Standard Scripturizer Features

  • Supports any version on the BibleGateway plus ESV, NET, NRSV, and LXX
  • Links can be added dynamically (every time a page is viewed, the links are added) or statically (the links are added to the page permanently when a page is saved/edited in the database).

Bug Tracking and Feature Requests

Release Updates - Announcements Mailing List

  • To keep informed of the latest Scripturizer updates, subscribe to the (very low traffic--like a few times per year) Scripturizer-announce mailing list.


Glen Davis and Laurence O'Donnell have tag-team-produced Scripturizer 1.5. We offer this gift for the edification of Christ's church and for the glory of God.

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