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From Usayd Networks, learn more about it here.

Peace be with you all.

I have been working on another plugin to add-on to my ‘Random Hadith Plugin’ which I released a couple of months ago. It makes sense that I have chosen to add to this with the addition of the ‘Random Qur’anic Verse Plugin’ for Wordpress 1.2, 1.5+ (inshAllah). I asked Kemas Yunus if he knew any scripts for random Qur’an verses. He contacted me a little later with an indionesian website (mukmin.info) which gives you three Al-Qur’an scripts:

  1. English Text. (code: <? random_quran() ?> )
  2. Arabic + Arabic Text Image. (code: <? random_quranpic() ?> )
  3. Arabic + English Text Image. (code: <? random_quranpiceng() ?> )
  4. Malaysian Text. (code: <?php random_quranmalay() ?> )

I decided that to make the most efficient and useful plugin out of this, I will make it so that it can output any of the three options at any one time, so today I slaved away on working on my latest Wordpress Plugin: Random Qur’anic Verse.

To work this script it is much the same as the Random Hadith Plugin:

  1. Download the Zip
  2. Upload and Activate
  3. Insert one of the codes in any PHP file on your site as quoted above.

After this you should have one of the appropriate Random Qur’anic Verses running on your website. You can even have one after every post and much more!

You can now find the plugin at:


0.1-0.2b - Initial plugin testing (non-functional).

0.3a - First release testing Javascript.

0.4b - Modified Javascript to ensure validation with Wordpress.

0.5-0.9a - Attempts to add multiple choices to the script failing.

1.0 - Stable version, Working modification, final version with ability to run multiple scripts simultaneously.

1.15 - Added support for Malaysian Language.

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