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"PreFormatted" is a plugin for WordPress 1.5 which changes the way WordPress stores and renders posts/comments. When WordPress displays posts & comments, they are passed through a series of filters which add basic markup (e.g. <p> and <br /> tags), “smart quotes” and other fun stuff. This means that the same data gets re-formatted every time a page is loaded.

PreFormatted re-arranges those filters to store the formatted version when the post or comment is saved. Processing is only done once (when you create or edit a post/comment) so that page rendering is slightly faster --- much faster if you are using heavy-duty formatting plugins like Markup or Textile. Unlike version 1.0, the new version of PreFormatted keeps a copy of your original data in addition to the formatted copy. The new version also supports most formatting plugins that use the filters 'the_content', 'the_excerpt' and 'comment_text' to add markup.

PreFormatted is simple to use: just activate it from your admin panel. Every post/comment that you edit will be saved in both unformatted (i.e. "as-is") and formatted form for faster loading. The plugin will also cache formatted versions of existing posts & comments when they are first displayed.


  • This plugin changes the way your data is stored~~ Version 2.0 doesn't change your original data.
  • I've tried my best to "de-format" posts in the editing window, but you may see some odd tags. Version 2.0 keeps the original version so no "deformatting" is necessary.
  • This plugin uses the 'post_content_filtered' column in the posts table to save formatted data. Obviously this will interfere with other plugins that try to use this column (which is currently unused but designed for caching).
  • This plugin changes the comments table to add a 'comment_content_filtered' column.

Learn More

For more details please visit PreFormatted at vapourtrails.ca.

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