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Chuyskywalker: We're going to get into the same trouble the the wiki and codex are facing right now. A ridiculous amount of plugins and how to deal with categorizing and displaying them. This should be addressed *before* it happens.

Some solutions:

  • The current one. A hand crafted list of plugins. Hardest, most fragile way of doing things. Easily outdated, and a bitch to maintain.
  • Site automated. Figure out some way to integrate a system like wp-plugins.net(wppn) for each plugin here. Even something as simple as a .txt file in each root plugin folder with: Author, Category, Version, Description, Compatability, Etc. A script could run through this list and generate the plugins page, and even sub page for each plugin off of these files. Possibly ask that plugins include an XML file with this information for easy parsing.

why not work with wp-plugins.net and weave the two together? -- bunny

  • Site collab. Leave this site for developers. Send people who want to download plugins over to wppn. Allow wppn to feed off of wp-plugins.org(wppo)

Other ideas?

adsworth: Hi Chuskywalker, the solution seems to be this http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin#Plugin_Metadata

kccricket: I agree that adding more metadata to plugins would be a good idea. Apart from this discussion wiki page, where can us plugin authors join the discussion about things like this metadata?

fergbrain: I like having a SVN repository to keep my 'builds' of plugins. But I also agree that an more user-friendly interface is needed. It seems that RedAlt (http://www.redalt.com/External/plugins.php) has a good way to distribute plugins. What if the there were two interfaces? Once for developers and one for users. It would feed off the exact same files, the users would just see the stable tag versions of a plugin with a nicer UI. Thoughts?

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