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Contributors: Isaac Wedin

Photopress is a plugin that adds some image-related features to Wordpress. New "Upload" and "Browse" quicktags will launch pop-up tools that can do the obvious and also insert HTML for tagged thumbnails into the post editor. In addition, the plugin adds a random image function and a simple photo album.


Photopress uses code from Florian Jung's Image Browser, Owen Winkler's Edit Button Template (now Alex King's JS Quicktags), and the built-in Wordpress upload functions. Many people have contributed bug reports and fixes, including Roge, Randy, RobotDan, Alex, and Frank. Claus contributed code and ideas for the database functions. Thanks!

Getting It

The most recent packaged versions is available at familypress.net/photopress. You can browse the source and get various earlier versions at dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/photopress.


  1. Put the "photorpess" folder and the files in it in your plugins folder.
  2. Create a folder called "photos" under wp-content and make sure it's writable by your server.
  3. Activate the plugin, which will install a new table in your database. See the options page at Options:Photopress to customize the settings.


If you used an earlier version of Photopress and wish to upgrade, first deactivate Photopress in your Plugins admin panel. Remove the old plugin files (keep a copy of album.php if you modified it). Put the new "photopress" folder in your plugins folder. Activate the plugin. This will install a table in your database if there wasn't one there already

Using It

Click the Upload and Browse buttons on the Quicktags bar to upload or browse existing images to insert into posts. During upload you can enter some information about images, which will be displayed in the simple photo album. You can also enter data and delete images at Manage:Photopress Album.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't the buttons work!?

This is a mystery. They work for some people, and not for others. I've seen them work in various browsers in Linux, and both Firefox and IE in Windows XP. Check your pop-up blocking settings. Let me know if you figure out why they don't work! In the most recent version there's an option to enable "failsafe" buttons, which aren't placed well but are more likely to work.

The album breaks my template/theme!?

If the album doesn't work with your theme, edit album.php and pp_album_css.php in the "photopress" folder to suit. album.php has some notes about what you'll probably need to do, but you basically want to make album.php look like your theme's index.php. You can save the modified album.php in your theme's folder as pp_album.php if you'd like.

Why add the random image to the Meta list?

Because there's a plugin hook in Wordpress to do that. If you don't like the default random image, disable it on the Options:Photopress page and add <?php pp_random_image_bare(); ?> where you want to display a random image in your template. I like to put it right at the top of the sidebar.

I've already got a bunch of images in a folder, how can I add them to Photopress?

If your old folder is under wp-content you can just point Photopress at that, assuming you've got thumbnails and they conform to the naming setup in Options (by default "thumb_" is added to the start of the image name, but you can change that to suit). You can also just repeatedly use the Upload tool - the "upload another" link makes this fairly easy.

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