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Kramer is a plugin that will show technorati inbound links to a post as comments. It also provides a template function, kramer_inbound() to show inbound links to the weblog in general. What this means that when a weblog links to one of your posts, the link will be shown in your comments without the need for trackback/pingback etc.


The latest version is 0.4


The author of this plugin is Nik Cubrilovic discussions about this plugin can be found at http://www.perfected.org/project/kramer/


The latest stable release is at http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/kramer/trunk/

A zipped version is at http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/kramer.zip


This plugin is just this one file, there are no database alterations or any tricks.

  1. Unzip the archive and place kramer.php in your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Read the README.txt that is included in the archive.
  3. In the administrator panel under plugins, enable the Kramer plugin.
  4. Go to Options->Kramer in admin panel and set your options up.

Latest Changes

v0.4 nik 6/6/05

  • made the balloon XHTML compliant, removed align and added style (thanks MCincubus and Firas)
  • implemented _kramer_flush_cache()
  • implemented _kramer_delete_all() which will delete all technorati comments form the admin panel
  • more sanity checking on Technorati results
  • cleaned up the debug output so it looks neater (when user views source)
  • changed license from CC to LGPL
  • added function that will check for new version of the plugin


Submit all feedback and bugs by creating a new ticket

Thank you

  • Kevin Marks of Technorati for assistance
  • Firas for testing and ideas


LGPL Copyright 2005 Nik Cubrilovic (email: nik@…)

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