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Usayd Network's Islamic Praise

Ever wanted to start your posts with Bismillah? Would you like to add a more attractive (SAW) after the name of the Prophet (SAW) every time you write it? Want to make your posts look nicer? Look no further, Usayd Networks have released the Islamic Praise plugin for WordPress!

This plugin enables you to write the names of the Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) (SAW) and Allah (SWT) (SWT) without having to add anything after them! Wait it gets better. You can choose a variety of different images and styles to have them displayed and the plugin is so easy to use that you can customise it yourself!


  1. Download the plugin (ZIP)
  1. Upload the /islamicpraise/ folder to your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  1. Activate the plugin in the WordPress admin menu

Using it

View the demo page


A few variations of the spelling of Muhammed have been taken into account and the above work with them, they are:

Muhammed Muhammad Mohammed Mohammad

Images end in /> for XHTML style, if you are using HTML simply use notepad or equivalent to replace all /> with >.

All of the images have ALT text, title text and 0 border pre-defined as well as style="padding: 0px;" to prevent ugly image borders defined by CSS.


You can easily customise this plugin by opening it up and adding whatever you want to it. It is very easy to understand! Please send us your modifications so that we can add it to a later release. We have commented out the plugin file in the latest release so you can edit it more easliy.


Got a question, problem or suggestion concerning this plugin? Visit the Usayd Network forum or email plugins @ usayd.com


We are looking for better images at around 20×20px size which have the arabic text of names of prophets, benedictions etc. Anything Islamic that you think may be suitable for this plugin, please send it to us. Any other suggestions are welcomed. v0.9 is already in progress.

Who contributed to this project?

MENJ requested this plugin after I developed the Hijri Date plugin, I programmed most of the code.

-> I used a lot of code from Acronym Replacer by Joel Bennet -> New images borrowed from load-islam.com forums. -> Other people on #wordpress


0.1-0.6: Initial testing and bug squashing. 0.7: First release 0.8: Added extra images and choices. Defined the images directory, commented out the Plugin file for ease of editing.


The Islamic Praise Plugin is also avaliable on:

  • WP-Plugins.net
  • WP-Plugins.org
  • WordPress Codex
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