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As you know in addition to regular posts in Wordpress, you can also write pages and organize them with your own hierarchy.

You can pages for anything and display it as a regular page like a post or combine it within your template by outputting its content as HTML. Get Random Page does the latter.

This plugin selects a random page from your static pages and outputs its content anywhere in your template.

I use this plugin to rotate ads (see on the top right hand corner), but you can use it for anything you want. For instance you can display a random quote, a random ad, a random tip or anything else you have.

Since pages can be grouped Get Random Page plugin supports groups by specifying “child of”, so you can select a random page from a specific group of pages.

Installation: Extract and copy the plugin to Wordpress plugin folder and activate it.

After you activate the plugin just use the function get_random_page($child_of) anywhere in your template you want to output a random page.

$child_of is the page ID (number) from which you want to select the random page If $child_of is not set then it'll pick a random page from all your pages

For instance: <?php get_random_page(501) ?> will select and output a random page from all the pages that are children of page id 501

Author: Aviran Mordo

Author Site: http://www.aviransplace.com

Compatibility: WP 1.5

License: GPL

Download URL: http://www.aviransplace.com/index.php/get-random-page-wordpress-plugin/

Source files: http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/get-random-page/

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