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Gallery2 Image Chooser is a plugin for TinyMCE (the rich-text WYSIWYG editor in WordPress 2.0) that allows you to choose an image from your Gallery2 photo albums by browsing thumbnails. You can insert the following options:

  1. A thumbnail with a link to either the individual photo, the parent album, or a URL of your choice.
  1. A WPG2 tag to either the photo or the parent album. (If using WordPress with WPG2.)
  1. A text link to either the individual photo or to the parent album.

Gallery2 Image Chooser was specifically designed for use with Wordpress 2.0 using the WPG2 plugin. This plugin restores the functionality of the ‘wpg2′ tag and adds the ability to browse your gallerys and make a visual choice instead of having to type the URL of your photo or gallery.

However, it was also designed to work well with any TinyMCE installation on a server with Gallery2 also installed.

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