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The flickr-post plugin integrates Flickr directly into blog posts by searching through your Flickr photos for certain tags. If any photos are tagged with the slug for a particular blog post, then the plugin will automatically add the appropriate thumbnails to the top of that post.

Because Flickr’s tags are limited to lowercase letters, the hypens in post slugs are removed and the letters wp are prefixed. So, if you have a post with the slug first-day-of-summer, the plugin will search Flickr for the tag wpfirstdayofsummer. However, that is the only complication. There are no additional bits of markup to add to posts, buttons to click or menus to browse.

The plugin also defines the get_recent_flickr_photos() function that you can be add to your page templates. For example, adding the following:

<?php get_recent_flickr_photos( 5 ); ?>

Would display thumbnails of the five photos you have added most recently to your Flickr accounts.

Caching is handled by the UrlCache plugin.


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