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     1= Category Order = 
     3This plugin allows the blog administrator to set an explicit ordering, 
     4spacing, and indentation of categories in the category list that appears in 
     5the sidebar. The administrator specifies the ordering in the new "Category 
     6Order" management page. There is also an option for placing the category post 
     7count inside the link. 
     9The plugin overrides any ordering or indentation of categories created by the 
     10list_cats() !WordPress function. It works by dissecting the normal <ul> or 
     11<br/> formatted list that Wordpress creates, then reconstructing a custom <ul> 
     12or <br/> formatted list based on the new custom ordering and indentation. 
     13Note that it overrides any parent-child relationship between categories. 
     14Since the plugin modifies the display only, you can revert to the default 
     15ordering by simply disabling the plugin. 
     17This plugin has only been tested for !WordPress 2.0. It should and may work for earlier versions. (Please test and update this page!) 
     19Here is a screenshot of the management page: 
     23== Installation == 
     25 1. Download the latest distribution from [http://www.coppit.org/code/]  
     26 2. Unpack the archive into your ''wp-content/plugins'' directory using a command like ''zcat category-access-0.4.0.tar.gz | tar xfz -''. 
     27 3. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen 
     28 4. Go to 'Category Order' under the 'Manage' menu to change the ordering and indenting. 
     30== Reporting Problems == 
     32The plugin is sensitive to the HTML generated by WordPress. If the plugin 
     33fails for you, it is likely that your category list HTML is somewhat different 
     34than what the plugin expects. In this case, please do the following: 
     36 1. Disable the plugin 
     37 2. Reload your blog in your web browser 
     38 3. View the source of your blog 
     39 4. Email the HTML snippet for the category list to the me