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Bunny's Wild Comments

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Ever wanted to use original custom text for your comment links, allowing for a bit more fantasy than just "One comment", "No comments", and "% comments"? ('%' being the number of comments)

Now you can specify comment link text for any number of comments you desire.


  • from 2 to 5 comments: % little comments
  • from 6 to 12 comments: % comments, we're having fun!
  • 13 comments: % comments, quick, add one!
  • 14-18 comments: % comments, it's getting noisy here
  • 19 comments or more: we're having a ball: % comments!

Open the plugin file. Under SETTINGS, you can edit the different comment link texts and values to your convenience. Save the plugin file in your plugins directory, activate, and enjoy!


Download version 0.1: http://climbtothestars.org/play/wild_comments.phps (Copy and paste into a text file in your plugins directory -- save as will not work.)

Version with admin panel: http://firasd.org/temp/wild_comments_admin.phps


By Bunny http://climbtothestars.org/ for Flippy http://bonpourtonpoil.ch/

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