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ASPanel2 is a plugin for Wordpress 2.0 designed to fetch and display user data from Audioscrobbler/last.fm service, such as current played tracks, top artists etc. directly on your WP.

What Audiosrobbler is?
A site gathering currently played tracks, top artist, top tracks and a lot more info about your music. Of course if you let it to do it by downloading plugin for your audio player.
Downloading plugin? In meanwhile, create your account.
Done? So start using the ASPanel2!


  1. Download the plugin, rename file to aspanel2.php
  2. Place aspanel2.php into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate plugin via. admin panel ( Plugins -> ASPanel2 -> Activate )
  4. Configure it ( Options -> ASPanel2 )
  5. Place somewhere in your template ( eg. sidebar.php ) following code:
    	<?php if ((function_exists('aspanel'))) { ?>
    		<?php aspanel(); ?>
    	<?php } ?>


Elements of plugin's code could be styled by using css.

  • #audiocrobbler_panel
    main plugin div
  • .asp_actv
    active div - when songs are displayed
  • .asp_none
    inactive div - when songs aren't displayed
  • .asp_list
    class of ordered list - enabled when activated in options
  • .asp_link
    class of link to profile - enabled when activated in options

Custom Chart Generator

ASPanel2 introduces brand new Audioscrobbler's feature: Image Charts. Custom Chart Generator lets you put chart fetched from last.fm site directly onto your blog. How to do it?

  1. Configure CCG in plugin's page ( Options -> ASPanel2 )
  2. Place somewhere in your template following code:
          	<?php if ((function_exists('aspanel_ccg'))) { ?>
          		<?php aspanel_ccg(); ?>
          	<?php } ?>
  3. Enjoy!


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