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#597 closed enhancement (fixed)

allow password protection where supported

Reported by: filosofo Owned by: filosofo
Priority: normal Severity: normal
Plugin: wp-db-backup Keywords: password zip


Allow password protection for the zipped files where supported by the server.

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comment:1 @dzappone2 years ago

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed

In 937909:


  • Initial release of version 2.7
  • Validated against WordPress 3.9.x
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.5.9 which inlcudes the following fixes
    • Fixed inline content bug when using child selectors. Fixes #599
    • Fixed accidental leak of global variable. References #591
    • Enabled strict mode. Fixes #597
    • Fix potential error when calling Colorbox directly. References #591
    • Potentially worked around browser limitation of reporting that an image height and width is 0 immediately after onload. Fixes #535
    • Applied maxWidth and maxHeight to the initialWidth and initialHeight. Fixes #391
    • Allow setting the overlay opacity through CSS, rather than having to use Colorbox's opacity property. Fixes #580
    • Fixed potential issue where IE9+ wouldn't close the modal when clicking on the overlay. Fixes #576
    • Added access to settings object in callbacks.
    • Added svg to image types regex.
    • Fixed regression that broke direct calls to Colorbox, ie. $.colorbox(…)
    • Changed when the className is applied: immediately on open, but only updated immediately prior to transition. Fixes #565
    • Fixed potential style flash if #cboxLoadedContent is given a background. Fixes #567
    • Misc. code cleanup
    • Fixed potential error when resizing. Fixes #254
    • Added Microsoft's JPEG XR to photo detection regex.
    • Fixed an issue where private events propagated to the document in versions of jQuery prior to 1.7. Fixes #525, Fixes #526
    • Updated stylesheets to avoid issue with using div {max-width:100%} (Fixes #520)
    • Used setAttribute to set londesc, so that the value is accessible via DOM Node longDesc property #508
    • Added longdesc and aria-describedby attributes to photos. Fixes #508
    • Fixed a slideshow regression from 1.4.27
    • Fixed a potential issue with the starting size of #cboxLoadedContent
    • Fixed a potential issue with using the open property with mixed slideshow and non-slideshow groups
    • Fixed a width calculation issue relating to using margin:auto on #cboxLoadedContent.
    • Fixed a regression in IE7 and IE8 that was causing an error.
    • Use an animation speed of zero between same-sized content (fixed).
    • Removed temporary fix for jQuery UI 1.8
    • Added closeButton option. Set to false to remove the close button.
    • Bugfix loading overlay/graphic append order
    • Updated manifest files for the jQuery plugin repository and Bower (no changes to plugin)
    • Replaced new Image() with document.createElement('img') to avoid a potential bug in Chrome 27.
    • Fixing bug/typo from last update.
    • Fixed bug where Colorbox was capturing ctrl+click on assigned links on windows browsers with jQuery 1.7+, rather than ignoring.
    • Fixed a scroll position issue when using $.colorbox.resize()
    • Possible fix for a Chrome 27 issue (https://github.com/jackmoore/colorbox/pull/438#issuecomment-18334804)
    • Added trapFocus setting to allow disabling of focus trapping
    • Added .webp to list of recognized image extensions
    • Added fadeOut property to control the closing fadeOut speed.
    • Removed longdesc attribute for now.
    • Fixed an error involving IE7/IE8 and legacy versions of jQuery
    • Fixed a potential conflict with Twitter Bootstrap default img styles.
    • Added type='button' to buttons to prevent accidental form submission
    • Added alt and longdesc attributes to photo content if they are present on the calling element.
    • Better 'old IE' feature detection that fixes an error with jQuery 2.0.0pre.
    • Fixes bug introduced in previous version.
    • Dropped IE6 support.
    • Fixed other issues with $.colorbox.remove.
    • Prevented an error if $.colorbox.remove is called during the transition.
    • Minor change to work around a jQuery 1.4.2 bug for legacy users.
    • Minor change to apply the close and className properties sooner.
    • Fixed an issue with percent-based heights in iOS
    • Fixed an issue with ajax requests being applied at the wrong time.
    • Made image preloading aware of retina settings.
    • Removed $.contains for compatibility with jQuery 1.3.x
    • Ignored left and right arrow keypresses if combined with the alt key.
    • Better accessibility:
    • Replaced div controls with buttons
    • Tabbed navigation confined to modal window
    • Added aria role
    • Updated manifest for plugins.jquery.com
    • Added retina display properties: retinaImage, retinaUrl, retinaSuffix
    • Fixed iframe scrolling on iOS devices.
  • Update themes to work with correctly with Colorbox verison 1.5.9
    • Added styles to clean up borders around buttons in the lightbox
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