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Infinite-scroll - incompatible with 4.0 beta3 (conflict with media library)

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This plugin - http://wordpress.org/plugins/infinite-scroll/ - NOT Jetpack

plugin version 2.6.2, WP Trunk SVN rev 29208

With plugin active, Media Library will not load any images in mode=grid, consequently you can't Add Media to posts either.

Also in logs:
Undefined index: HTTP_POST_FILES in /srv/www/wordpress-trunk/wp-content/plugins/infinite-scroll/includes/admin.php on line 90

HTTP_POST_FILES should be using $_FILES, don't really know enough about what it's hooking into / behaviour of media library to know how to rewrite it.

This bit is only used to handle the upload of the "loading" image and the comments suggest it's there as a workaround for an "edge case" with WordPress 3.2; if I remove the add_filter call, the popup window still works and you can still select an existing image from the media library, and you can upload a new image (but the form field with the filename won't be populated unless you open the popup window a second time and select it from the library).

First ticket in trac I've ever filed – my suggestion if no-one is maintaining the plugin anymore would be to remove:

add_filter( 'get_media_item_args', array( &$this, 'send_to_editor'), 10, 1);


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