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#1873 new defect

I found a bug in Jetpack Photon

Reported by: oritromax Owned by: jillij
Priority: highest Severity: normal
Plugin: photon Keywords: photon, CDN, Wordpress CDN


Check the image above. If you open the image in a new tab, you will see the image isn’t directly served from my site, its coming through the WordPress CDN. Check the Link below,


[ The Double Extension ins't causing because of anything from the internet, the actual image name was like that ]

Now as you can see, This image was first uploaded into my wordpress blog, then it was cached by wordpress photon and then the original link was replaced by the new link with the CDN.

As photon is a internal service of Jetpack, Which is a Official plugin from WordPress, This CDN should be kept only for those who use photon in their wordpress installation.

But, This is where it get Crazy

Now The link below is the link of my Facebook profile picture.


Its coming directly from Facebook CDN provided by Akamai. As it is a External Image, It shouldn’t be cached and served by wordpress photon. But, this link is showing a different story !


WordPress Photon is caching a external image and serving it without checking whether its from a wordpress blog with jetpack or not !!!!

Now here is what i am worried about, Though wordpress CDN is running on a Super Info structure, But as this service is only offered in jetpack photon, it should remain only for those using jetpack.

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