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Ticket Summary
#850 wpmu: infinite loop while fetching language select
#852 broken get_posts on homepage when static front page is set
#856 gengo filters vs. snippet-able widget
#860 in edit.php: add new category error, but working (missing language code)
#866 Patch to fix translated tags and feeds
#872 Conflict with Viper's Video Quicktags plugin
#874 Multi-Domain Support
#882 Repeated language in URL with WP 2.6
#883 Gengo widget not theme (and xhtml) compliant
#896 comment feeds for all and single posts are broken (with patch)
#918 Databse errors on not to translate files
#919 Categories in permalinks destroyed (with patch)
#924 gengo_link_pages needs "nextornumber" variable like wp_link_pages
#927 Gengo does not respect custom wp-content location
#936 implode(): Invalid arguments passed in gengo.php on line 1484
#1504 I can't activate the plugin
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