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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Milestone Type Severity Owner Status Created
#2155 Adblock Plus hides banner not-listed defect blocker new 02/10/14
#2321 WP mail blank plugin error. not-listed defect blocker new 11/18/14
#2376 Not able to commit plugin files for first time to make it public not-listed defect blocker new 04/02/15
#2404 Rename folder for plugin "Animated Icon Doo Banner" not-listed defect blocker new 06/05/15
#2451 Users of groups not getting right way not-listed defect blocker new 10/28/15
#2491 Unable to commit plugin not-listed defect blocker new 04/04/16
#2517 Commited in svn, But not reflecting in plugin page. not-listed defect blocker new 06/13/16
#1947 (SVN commit ) I can not update the plugin not-listed defect critical new 09/18/13
#2178 Issue with update code and HTTPS redirect not-listed defect critical new 03/26/14
#2237 Unable to call from any template file. not-listed defect critical new 06/27/14
#2318 Fatal error in thanks to print_r() WP Super Cache plugin not-listed defect critical new 11/14/14
#2322 Contact form 7 error. not-listed defect critical new 11/18/14
#2391 Custom Content Type Manager require_once fails to load loader.php line 110 on index.php not-listed defect critical new 05/07/15
#2403 Rename folder for plugin "Animated Icon Doo Banner" not-listed defect critical new 06/04/15
#2407 How to recover SVN repository credentials for uploaded pluigns not-listed enhancement critical new 06/14/15
#2409 No node avectra-netforum-single-sign-on at revision 1185216 not-listed defect critical new 06/21/15
#2492 Incorrect file permissions in wp-security-scan plugin not-listed defect critical new 04/06/16
#2539 feedwordpress: fatal error on wp-cli export not-listed defect critical new 08/16/16
#2572 My Sitemap Error Unsupported file format not-listed defect critical new 01/23/17
#2621 Typo in French translation .po file leaves anchor tag open and breaks third party plugins not-listed defect critical new 06/16/17
#2640 OperationalError: database is locked. this plugin working ? not-listed defect critical new 07/30/17
#2641 How to stop getting updates as mentioned below not-listed enhancement critical new 08/02/17
#2664 Bing Webmaster Tools Only Sees Some of URLs within Sitemap.xml not-listed defect critical new 11/09/17
#1866 bad URL : use permalink !!! not-listed defect major new 08/12/13
#2343 Author plugins count error not-listed defect major new 12/29/14
#2373 Sometimes plugin adds more fields not-listed defect major new 03/15/15
#2525 bkash Plug in is not working not-listed defect major new 07/02/16
#2540 How to change plugin url. not-listed enhancement major new 08/17/16
#2546 Getting error while importing from the XML which was generated from the other site not-listed defect major new 09/08/16
#2547 Misplaced letter in Title for smscountry-woocommerce plugin not-listed defect major new 09/15/16
#2637 Is duplicating posts while previewing the post not-listed defect major new 07/25/17
#1925 get_options method missing not-listed defect normal new 09/06/13
#1941 No live message feature not-listed enhancement normal new 09/10/13
#2179 Plugin download folder: DW Question Answer Embed Question not-listed defect normal new 03/28/14
#2220 How do I update the plugin? not-listed defect normal new 05/22/14
#2332 Add Persian not-listed enhancement normal new 12/07/14
#2366 Version 1.2.0 Breaks Pricing Table Shortcodes not-listed defect normal new 02/27/15
#2477 I want that when I post a video ,I get a next page link along with this message "Your post was successfully submitted!"and also want the user email id. not-listed task normal new 02/04/16
#2513 This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it not-listed defect normal new 06/04/16
#2521 ShareThis Plugin Help???? not-listed defect normal new 06/29/16
#2522 ShareThis Plugin Help???? not-listed defect normal new 06/29/16
#2538 I want to stop getting updates on my email - how to do it not-listed task normal new 08/07/16
#2613 Plugin Reactivate (simple-personal-message) not-listed defect normal new 05/19/17
#2619 My plugin is closed and not not visible to the public. not-listed defect normal new 06/14/17
#2644 Wordpress Importer doesn't support latest Wordpress: wp_get_http not-listed defect normal new 08/09/17
#2163 share-social: PHP notice with non existent variable in the template (tiny_buttons). not-listed defect critical new 02/17/14
#2221 [PLUGIN: restrict-author-posting] Fix to disallow non-administrators to change or remove restriction on own profile page not-listed defect critical new 05/25/14
#2266 Request to remove plugin and its all revisions not-listed task critical new 09/04/14
#2267 OperationalError: database is locked not-listed defect critical new 09/04/14
#2402 doesn't seem to update the changes.. not-listed defect critical new 06/01/15
#2469 PATCH: Category exclude not working at all not-listed defect critical new 12/30/15
#2563 website is showing a 500 error code due to aws plugin not-listed defect critical new 12/09/16
#2611 Undefined property: Wp_Custom_Register_Login_Loader::$shortcodes not-listed defect critical new 04/25/17
#1721 /wp-admin/ shows blank screen not-listed defect major new 05/11/13
#2024 SQL Injection in download-manager.php not-listed defect major new 10/31/13
#2074 fix Multisite not-listed defect major new 12/10/13
#2258 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted not-listed task major new 08/26/14
#2262 HTTPS sites breakache not-listed defect major new 09/03/14
#2289 getting 403 error message I commit my latest plugin (DigitSix Simple Contact Form) not-listed enhancement major new 10/05/14
#2297 jetpack facebook page twice not-listed defect major new 10/08/14
#2314 No more credentials or we tried too many times. not-listed defect major new 11/11/14
#2341 Twenty Thirteen - Unable to choose images to gallery widget not-listed defect major new 12/24/14
#2350 img tag is missing alt attribute not-listed defect major new 01/14/15
#2353 Page order attribute not working not-listed defect major new 01/21/15
#2450 No commit message on public page not-listed defect major new 10/23/15
#2508 Incorrect ABSPATH usage in current released version not-listed defect major new 05/25/16
#2509 Incorrect ABSPATH usage in current released version not-listed defect major new 05/25/16
#2570 Last two versions broke conditional logic in form not-listed defect major new 01/18/17
#2593 Unable to upload to SVN repository not-listed defect major new 02/24/17
#2614 fonts for admin-custom-login are loaded from Google using hard-coded HTTP schema, breaks serving over HTTPS not-listed defect major new 05/21/17
#2632 Please Add Breadcrumb in Wocommerce. I Have added it manually not-listed enhancement major new 07/08/17
#2633 MX States Update and fix i18n/states WooCommerce not-listed defect major new 07/10/17
#2639 Errors with version 4.7.5 not-listed defect major new 07/26/17
#2678 Removed from wordpress.org?? Wp affiliate manager not-listed defect major new 12/28/17
#2056 EasyRecipe 3.2.1263: XSS vulnerability detected not-listed defect normal new 11/26/13
#2174 include a new answer type not-listed enhancement normal new 03/19/14
#2213 wp-photo-album-plus shows bad performance on high traffic site not-listed enhancement normal new 05/05/14
#2249 Infinite-scroll - incompatible with 4.0 beta3 (conflict with media library) not-listed defect normal new 08/07/14
#2287 Error message when click sub sitemap links not-listed defect normal new 10/03/14
#2294 POLYLANG: Hooking for custom columns in categories/tags admin pages is done wrong BLOCKING other plugins to output custom columns not-listed defect normal new 10/07/14
#2344 Need to exclude ajax calls from the dashboard restriction not-listed defect normal new 01/02/15
#2379 Last updated label incorrect not-listed defect normal new 04/08/15
#2401 Короткий открывающий тег <? использовать нежелательно not-listed defect normal new 05/31/15
#2408 Compatibility issue with rtmedia - got a solution here: not-listed defect normal new 06/18/15
#2443 Mulitcons Plugin Question not-listed defect normal new 10/14/15
#2471 Can't update plugin! not-listed defect normal new 01/13/16
#2503 syntax error on clickatell-otp\inc \login.php not-listed defect normal new 05/13/16
#2549 W3 Total Cache Bug in w3\lib\PgCache.php not-listed defect normal new 10/05/16
#2550 W3 Total Cache Bug in w3\lib\PgCache.php not-listed defect normal new 10/05/16
#2557 W3 Total Cache + Rackspace CDN SSL Issue not-listed defect normal new 11/18/16
#2559 Property of non-object in author field when showing a deleted user not-listed defect normal new 11/22/16
#2602 Path error not-listed defect normal new 03/28/17
#2628 XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 4.0.8: Multisite Domain Mapping: Google will be notified with wrong URL not-listed enhancement normal new 06/29/17
#2629 New Readme.txt not-listed task normal new 07/02/17
#2657 pt_BR translation not present anymore for Ultimate Member not-listed defect normal new 10/07/17
#2667 Plugin disable for download not-listed defect normal new 11/24/17
#2681 Custom debug panels break with namespaces not-listed defect normal new 01/10/18
#2388 BUG : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() not-listed defect blocker new 05/05/15
#2253 Plugin: GA Link Tracker | Missing spaces affects plugin's usability not-listed defect critical new 08/15/14
#2670 Contact Form 7 With URL Query Param IE. &lang=en not-listed defect critical new 11/29/17
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