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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Milestone Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1675 Fixed notices of undefined offset wp-postviews defect normal GamerZ new 03/13/13
#1677 robots.txt generated without honoring WP robots_txt filter and blog_public option google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 03/21/13
#1678 WordPress Import should import all post meta for menu items not-listed enhancement normal new 03/21/13
#1683 Simple custom post type fix not-listed enhancement normal new 04/05/13
#1685 Italian translation Subscribe 2 8.9.1 not-listed enhancement normal new 04/07/13
#1692 Avatar Bubble appears offscreen on mobile width not-listed defect normal slaFFik new 04/11/13
#1694 Logic for ellipses phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal linickx assigned 04/13/13
#1701 WP Footnotes throws up errors wp-footnotes defect normal drzax new 04/20/13
#1808 Request: Ability to 'Check for Spam' on all sites in Network akismet enhancement normal matt new 07/03/13
#1867 Improvements to Simple Colorbox not-listed enhancement normal ryanhellyer new 08/13/13
#1879 Footnotes broken when adjacent to markup such as strong or em wp-footnotes defect normal drzax new 08/19/13
#1897 Wordpress Import Add Post Meta Unique Flag Needed important-post enhancement normal graeme new 08/29/13
#1906 New feature that allow to put a salt to encryption method. external-database-authentication enhancement normal charlener new 09/04/13
#1960 Allow filters to supply OpenGraph tags for more types of queries facebook enhancement normal jerox new 09/21/13
#1994 XML Name Spaces insertion doesn't switch to SSL mode on secure pages head-meta defect normal johnbillion new 10/12/13
#1995 Table wp_redirection_404 and wp_redirection_modules are created even if they already exist miniblog defect normal BauB new 10/14/13
#2018 Background Update Tester: Text Domain Missing not-listed enhancement normal nacin new 10/29/13
#2064 Subscribe2 ultimate italian translation language-translator enhancement normal Lancelhoff new 11/28/13
#2093 Flikr photos in admin not-listed enhancement normal zetaprints assigned 12/20/13
#2094 Clear RSS cache not-listed enhancement normal zetaprints assigned 12/20/13
#2095 Printing and mobile styles for RSS Widget not-listed enhancement normal zetaprints assigned 12/20/13
#2098 WP Footnotes plugin will not work with WP 3.8 wp-footnotes defect normal drzax new 12/23/13
#2173 Easy Photo Album: More robust album save mechanism. not-listed enhancement normal TV productions assigned 03/17/14
#2186 Multi-table delete query wrong table recognized hyperdb defect normal vnsavage new 04/03/14
#2190 Patch (custom user filter, roles determined by filters) wpdirauth enhancement normal gilzow new 04/10/14
#2202 Prevent multiple ZIPing not-listed enhancement normal michitzky assigned 04/23/14
#2208 Add hook to capture/edit raw form data contact-form-7 enhancement normal takayukister new 04/28/14
#2223 si-form not-listed task normal Mandar Palsokar new 05/30/14
#2225 si-plug wp-app task normal palsokar.mandar new 06/03/14
#2226 mysql_client_flags added to HyperDB hyperdb enhancement normal vnsavage new 06/04/14
#2238 new test ticket not-listed defect normal izela assigned 07/07/14
#2243 I added a new option to the plugin "Awesome Admin Cleaner" not-listed defect normal artitmedia new 07/20/14
#2251 disable creation of footnotes within code blocks not-listed enhancement normal drzax new 08/09/14
#2277 Menu Customizer: Drag & Drop Re-ordering needs to account for submenus not-listed defect normal new 09/14/14
#2279 Updated .PO file (Spanish) translate-widget enhancement normal zedlander new 09/15/14
#2286 SendGrid Mailing List plugin not-listed defect normal Matt Pramschufer new 10/01/14
#2293 Multi Slider Image Responsive not-listed defect normal cauut2117610 new 10/07/14
#2296 WP Super Cache does not clear category and tag pages in some cases wp-cache defect normal gallir new 10/07/14
#2301 File handling contact-form-7 task normal takayukister new 10/14/14
#2304 AIOSEO Social Meta / Jetpack conflicts: deactivate Jetpack OG Tags and Twitter Cards as soon as the Social Meta module is active all-in-one-seo-pack defect normal hallsofmontezuma new 10/18/14
#2311 Bug - title is the same when viewing multiple testimonials using random testimonial widget not-listed defect normal richardgabriel new 10/31/14
#2320 Strict Standards static calls not-listed defect normal noplanman new 11/16/14
#2325 SNAP posting excluded categories not-listed defect normal reopened 11/21/14
#2333 wp-login-template: fix for improper wp_enqueue_style call not-listed defect normal raju_ahmed new 12/09/14
#2339 Adding formatted numbers to the ZigTrap plugin not-listed enhancement normal zigpress new 12/22/14
#2342 How to help make this plugin better? Do you use github? Where to contact when i got ready changes to push into github? Or svn and where? tinymce-advanced enhancement normal azaozz new 12/26/14
#2358 Spanish Translation for Subscribe2 10.18.3 subscribe2 enhancement normal tanaylakhani new 02/15/15
#2361 Add format support to special mail tag contact-form-7 enhancement normal takayukister new 02/23/15
#2364 Wrong tag on wordpress login-lockdown defect normal mvandemar new 02/24/15
#2369 List Custom Taxonomy Widget - adding option for 'all terms' not-listed enhancement normal celloexpressions new 03/05/15
#2370 List Custom Taxonomy Widget - adding option for javascript autosubmit dropdown not-listed enhancement normal celloexpressions new 03/05/15
#2371 Feature request: * instead of 1 not-listed enhancement normal drzax new 03/08/15
#2393 Plugin Upgrade lost all configuration not-listed defect normal mikesmullin new 05/11/15
#2419 i not can commit files in assets folder not-listed defect normal cehojac new 08/05/15
#2429 Login Lockdown locks out everyone due to web app firewall login-lockdown enhancement normal mvandemar new 09/03/15
#2430 Updated Danish translation wp-polls enhancement normal GamerZ new 09/04/15
#2431 Suggested edit for improving functionality not-listed enhancement normal https://profiles.wordpress.org/rene-puchinger/ new 09/07/15
#2434 Akismet: do not OPTIMIZE TABLE akismet defect normal matt new 09/16/15
#2463 Fix bug : No load url chatbox when add chatbox to app not-listed defect normal tridungpham assigned 12/09/15
#2473 Add HTML 5 + new HTML Purifier version html-purified enhancement normal johnny5 new 01/19/16
#2490 Adding selection in WP (media-file-manager_1.4.0) not-listed enhancement normal aueda new 03/30/16
#2500 Patch to allow user to select currency for PayPal contact-form-7 enhancement normal takayukister new 05/01/16
#2514 Plugins repository not-listed enhancement normal new 06/07/16
#2518 PATCH : This patch makes Age Graded field display an option in the wp-athletics config. not-listed enhancement normal conormccauley new 06/14/16
#2523 [PATCH] Let frontend know allowed types and size limit for a file contact-form-7 enhancement normal takayukister new 06/30/16
#2534 Getting Undefined Variables from debug log not-listed enhancement normal Muhammad Riduan new 07/26/16
#2535 "Enable Media Replace" Plugin does not update file paths in posts not-listed defect normal mungobbq new 07/27/16
#2536 Enable Media Replace plugin does not update file paths in posts not-listed defect normal mungobbq new 07/27/16
#2582 WP NoteUp: Should be able to save note w/out having to save post. not-listed enhancement normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2583 Revisions not-listed enhancement normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2584 Frontend Notes not-listed enhancement normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2585 Save Draft w/out Title or Content does not save NoteUp (WordPress) not-listed defect normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2588 Make it work on all post types. not-listed enhancement normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2589 Linking causes bubble to go wild. not-listed defect normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2590 Moving metabox causes CMB2 to loose content not-listed defect normal aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2600 WordPress-Translations are not assigned google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 03/22/17
#2606 plugin page plugin_action_links invalid not-listed task normal wow-company.com new 04/17/17
#2622 PHP error on line 254 of class-holler-functions.php not-listed defect normal majelbstoat new 06/18/17
#2625 Allow multiple range fields for BuddyPress xprofile fields not-listed enhancement normal ninjew new 06/28/17
#2638 Additional Pages don't works google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 07/25/17
#2655 I fixed it to support InnoDB fulltext index. yet-another-related-posts-plugin enhancement normal mitchoyoshitaka new 09/12/17
#2680 Error in wp-database-backup/trunk/includes/admin/class-wpdb-admin.php not-listed defect normal walke.prashant new 01/08/18
#2685 html5-responsive-faq RTL support not-listed enhancement normal efficientninja new 01/21/18
#2706 Widget: Categories list. <a> tag without attributes WOOCOMMERCE not-listed enhancement normal andymoo new 03/16/18
#386 off-by-one error in dates? wp-shortstat defect trivial chuyskywalker new 03/15/06
#877 Subscribe to All Comments subscribe-to-comments enhancement trivial markjaquith new 06/27/08
#889 German language correction countdown-timer defect trivial fergbrain reopened 07/21/08
#954 Line Numbers Alignment wp-syntax defect trivial rmm5t new 02/08/09
#1389 Use esc_url() instead of clean_url() google-analytics-for-wordpress defect trivial joostdevalk new 09/22/11
#1482 Custom page template with two dots before PHP file extension does not work not-listed defect trivial new 02/27/12
#2455 Update he-IL translation wp-postratings enhancement trivial GamerZ new 11/14/15
#247 Not every UnZip-tool handles gzipped backups correctly wp-db-backup defect minor Scott new 08/15/05
#284 IP field in email returns wp-contact-form defect minor ryanduff new 10/03/05
#463 Google Maps plugin doesn't work wp-dokuwiki defect minor diwaker new 08/21/06
#528 Show cached page duration in the wp-cache comments wp-cache enhancement minor gallir new 01/21/07
#639 need better algorithm for account name generation openid enhancement minor wnorris assigned 04/18/07
#714 Use OpenIDs to auto-moderate trackbacks openid enhancement minor wnorris new 11/06/07
#727 combine link_summary() and get_link_summary() link-summarizer enhancement minor GrafZahl assigned 12/01/07
#743 Add support for dtreviewed, reviewer and license hreview-support-for-editor enhancement minor andrewescott new 01/20/08
#856 gengo filters vs. snippet-able widget gengo enhancement minor pixline assigned 05/13/08
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