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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Milestone Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1386 Simple Paypal Donate: Form values should be sanitize not-listed defect normal new 09/20/11
#1388 closing an announcement on the page not registered in session not-listed defect normal kstover new 09/22/11
#1390 JavaScript error on pages that don't have submit button (WP-reCAPTCHA) not-listed defect normal new 09/22/11
#1391 Support for phpBB SEO mod phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal linickx new 09/25/11
#1393 Comment metadata wastes space not-listed defect normal new 09/26/11
#1394 Hard coded string "Please select" in variations.class.php wp-e-commerce defect normal mufasa new 09/28/11
#1395 sitemap taxonomy permalinks not-listed defect normal new 09/28/11
#1396 [Memcached Object Cache] Enable using $blog_id as $table_prefix without requiring site to be ran as multisite not-listed defect normal new 09/30/11
#1399 Persist tabs between page refreshes debug-bar enhancement normal new 10/03/11
#1403 Wordpress Importer fails after first import not-listed defect normal new 10/18/11
#1404 Tweetmeme Broken with Custom Plugin Dir Location not-listed defect normal new 10/19/11
#1406 [Plugin: WordPress MU Domain Mapping] Warnings when in WordPress debug mode (code patch) not-listed defect normal wpmuguru new 10/21/11
#1407 Sub-menu items comingled with non-related menu items not-listed defect normal Viper007Bond new 10/27/11
#1409 generating gallery in ALO EasyMail Newsletter - miss nggRewrite in nggShowGallery() nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 11/01/11
#1414 [WordChimp] No data populated when inserting posts into template field not-listed defect normal hudsonfoo new 11/03/11
#1416 Enable JS API Config for Viper's Video Quicktags vipers-video-quicktags enhancement normal Viper007Bond new 11/19/11
#1418 Fix log notices from Batcache not-listed defect normal new 11/22/11
#1422 Unicode characters not stripped from URL not-listed defect normal new 11/27/11
#1423 P value is the opposite of what it should be shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 12/01/11
#1425 Hooks 'ngg_delete_gallery' and 'ngg_delete_picture' run too late nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1426 Filter 'ngg_pre_add_new_image' applied twice nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1427 Missing hook when deleting images via bulk actions nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1429 Can not remove menu item V3.3 theme Twenty Eleven V1.3 menu-maker defect normal sascha123 new 12/13/11
#1443 Improve Menus UI menu-maker enhancement normal sascha123 new 12/22/11
#1444 Notices for server(s) without ports not-listed defect normal new 12/22/11
#1451 Page Meta warning message on activation - found the problem not-listed defect normal new 12/28/11
#1459 CSS bug referencing pie.htc not-listed defect normal new 01/13/12
#1460 impossible to moderate comment in custom post comment-text defect normal chrisjdavis new 01/13/12
#1461 Added hebrew support + lang files.. not-listed defect normal Yakir Sitbon new 01/15/12
#1466 Get rid of all 'undefined variable' and 'undefined index' warnings not-listed defect normal new 01/23/12
#1468 pmc-lockdown: use site_url() in wp_redirect() call not-listed defect normal pmcdotcom new 01/31/12
#1471 Apply watermark has no effect although preview works when given relative path nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 02/03/12
#1472 [ Custom post widget ] Add WPML Support not-listed enhancement normal vanderwijk new 02/03/12
#1474 pmc-lockdown: Add maintenance message above login form not-listed enhancement normal pmcdotcom new 02/04/12
#1475 Grunion: Apply a filter to the contact form success message not-listed defect normal danielbachhuber new 02/06/12
#1476 Imported files do not show correct Last Edited Date not-listed defect normal new 02/09/12
#1480 [ Custom post widget ] Add apply widget_title filter for consistency not-listed enhancement normal vanderwijk new 02/23/12
#1481 Some optymalisations not-listed defect normal new 02/26/12
#1483 Adding Albanian translation for OpenID plugin openid task normal mjgiarlo new 03/01/12
#1486 odd conditional yet-another-related-posts-plugin defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 03/03/12
#1487 Facebook Like Button deprecation notices not-listed defect normal AhmedGeek new 03/06/12
#1489 Patch to allow opening of sponsor links in a new Window not-listed enhancement normal new 03/09/12
#1496 More Flexible JS/CSS enqueue paths yet-another-advanced-paged-navigation enhancement normal YaaL new 03/20/12
#1499 wp-cache-phase2.php on line 96 wp-cache defect normal gallir new 03/23/12
#1500 Adminer: quotes are inappropriately escaped when editing SQL statements not-listed defect normal new 03/23/12
#1506 Add URL regex check for soundcloud.com not-listed enhancement normal jowagener new 04/04/12
#1507 adsense made easy ad_slot + full publisher ID not-listed enhancement normal new 04/05/12
#1508 Cannot reactivate plugin when Single Logout has previously been set not-listed defect normal usrlocaldick new 04/06/12
#1512 White Label CMS Enqueues Scripts and Styles Throughout Dashboard not-listed defect normal new 04/18/12
#1516 Upload Path for Multi Sites not-listed defect normal new 05/03/12
#1518 Major Improvements to Importer Plugin not-listed defect normal new 05/09/12
#1525 Ice Visual Revisions not-listed enhancement normal new 05/18/12
#1526 [ sponsors-slideshow-widget] register_uninstall_hook called incorrectly not-listed defect normal new 05/18/12
#1529 Quick Cache plugin settings page UI broken when Wordpress installed in subfolder not-listed defect normal primothemes new 05/31/12
#1531 collapsing categories 2.0.2 bugs not-listed defect normal robfelty new 06/05/12
#1532 Revision truncate activate/deactivate hooks not-listed defect normal ajalapus new 06/05/12
#1533 Misspelling in Settings not-listed defect normal new 06/06/12
#1534 One line to prevent errors upon external load contact-form-7 defect normal takayukister new 06/12/12
#1535 wpStoreCart removed from public Wordpress Plugin Repository plugin-downloads defect normal wpdprx new 06/12/12
#1539 Add a parameter to define config.php not-listed enhancement normal madeinthayaland new 06/15/12
#1540 Missing translations strings not-listed enhancement normal FxBe new 06/20/12
#1545 Support CloudFront Streaming When Adding External Media not-listed enhancement normal LongTail Video new 06/28/12
#1547 Media uploader doesn't work with Flikr Photo Post not-listed defect normal msoftware new 07/03/12
#1550 [Patch] Natural presorting nextgen-gallery enhancement normal alexrabe new 07/06/12
#1554 Shipping not displaying correctly on invoices wp-e-commerce defect normal mufasa new 07/10/12
#1557 Widget logic option with only whitespace always hides the widget not-listed defect normal new 07/13/12
#1562 Fix for audio looping not working in MediaElement.js - HTML5 Audio and Video plugin not-listed defect normal John Dyer new 08/06/12
#1563 duplicated comments in plugin "Customized Recent Comments" not-listed defect normal blueinstyle new 08/10/12
#1568 HTML Error not-listed defect normal new 08/28/12
#1579 OAuth redirection when authenticate to Dropbox google-analytics-for-wordpress defect normal joostdevalk new 09/27/12
#1584 First pass at fixing notices wp-cache defect normal gallir new 10/10/12
#1587 Settings Menu Visible to Subscribers not-listed defect normal new 10/12/12
#1589 Custom Post Type UI Patch not-listed enhancement normal willamsba1 new 10/16/12
#1593 [faster-image-insert] not-listed defect normal new 10/19/12
#1594 [weather-forecast-shortcode] not-listed enhancement normal knutsp new 10/22/12
#1595 Serbian translation of WP Help not-listed enhancement normal markjaquith new 10/23/12
#1598 Hack to use BBCodes to format video description not-listed enhancement normal new 10/29/12
#1603 WP Photo Album Plus Generates W3C Validation Errors wp-photo-album defect normal iLobster new 11/06/12
#1605 There is a reflective XSS injection possible on Uk Cookie not-listed defect normal soulliotisa new 11/10/12
#1606 There is a reflective XSS flaw in the Title text box box while creating a POST not-listed defect normal Wordpress new 11/10/12
#1609 Reflective XSS in Simple Slider Plugin not-listed defect normal ChrisHurst new 11/14/12
#1610 Error not-listed defect normal new 11/22/12
#1611 reflected XSS in the Video Lead Form in the URL not-listed defect normal fillup17 new 11/24/12
#1614 PHP 5.4 Warning: Creating default object from empty value nggfunctions.php line 553 nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 11/29/12
#1618 Not configurable in multisite installations (wrong capability used in yst_plugin_tools.php) google-analytics-for-wordpress defect normal joostdevalk new 12/06/12
#1621 User Specific Content - Global Blocked message not showing not-listed defect normal bainternet new 12/12/12
#1628 Greek Translation not-listed enhancement normal new 12/31/12
#1630 remove duplicate taxonomies not-listed enhancement normal Scott Daniels new 01/04/13
#1635 wp-ecommerce trasaction detail problem not-listed defect normal new 01/08/13
#1640 Debug Bar throws fatal error when a custom error handler is already declared debug-bar defect normal new 01/18/13
#1643 Post types not appended sometimes not-listed enhancement normal new 01/27/13
#1644 Created patch for BrowserID plugin, with Option setting for User Registration not-listed enhancement normal new 01/31/13
#1648 Serves flexo_anim.js over HTTP when viewing Wordpress with HTTPS flexo-archives-widget defect normal heathharrelson new 02/03/13
#1650 Add Filter to Category Page Titles all-in-one-seo-pack enhancement normal uberdose new 02/04/13
#1652 Add Pinterest and LinkedIn and Bug Fix not-listed enhancement normal new 02/06/13
#1654 Undefined variable: has_ut in aioseop.class.php on line 567 all-in-one-seo-pack defect normal uberdose new 02/09/13
#1658 Amendment to operate multiple galleries in a single post not-listed enhancement normal new 02/21/13
#1667 PHP notice on line 139 flexi-pages-widget defect normal SriniG new 03/04/13
#1675 Fixed notices of undefined offset wp-postviews defect normal GamerZ new 03/13/13
#1677 robots.txt generated without honoring WP robots_txt filter and blog_public option google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 03/21/13
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