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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Milestone Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1400 Google XML Sitemaps Not Finishing not-listed defect major Mike new 10/05/11
#1410 MCEComments and Tango Smileys Extended not-listed defect major whesleymccabe new 11/01/11
#1479 Differentiation of labels and values using the pipe is broken contact-form-7 defect major takayukister reopened 02/20/12
#1564 Modules exports cannot work redirection defect major johnny5 new 08/14/12
#1576 XSS in Answer-my-question plugin not-listed defect major Matt Kaye new 09/19/12
#1588 Sql injection vulnerability not-listed defect major vinoj.cardoza new 10/12/12
#1656 You need to globalize $table_prefix not-listed defect major new 02/12/13
#1674 Fixed notices of undefined offset wp-postratings defect major GamerZ new 03/13/13
#2240 WP-Cron race condition ends up wiping some and bringing back other (finished) items wp-cron defect major skippy new 07/11/14
#2328 Google XML sitemap generator cannot apply update 4.0.8 not can I delete the plugin google-sitemap-generator defect major arnee new 12/04/14
#2381 Exports directory not working when exporting after 0.6.4 updates -- CANNOT DOWNLOAD REPORTS not-listed defect major sc0ttkclark new 04/09/15
#2516 The save button moves when you try to click on it. google-sitemap-generator task major arnee new 06/12/16
#2576 Plugin says rejected not-listed defect major itcoderr new 01/26/17
#2649 visual-form-builder: Fix for "Random entries not being saved" not-listed defect major mmuro new 09/06/17
#2193 Easy Photo Album: Preview button doesn't work always not-listed defect minor TV productions new 04/17/14
#2400 Maintain environment relative links on sync not-listed enhancement minor tamlyn assigned 05/27/15
#177 If the loop is modified in a template before the tag blob is shown it all goes wrong technorati-tagging defect normal boneill new 05/31/05
#215 Add GZIP support wp-cache enhancement normal gallir new 07/13/05
#223 For tag pages, need to hook into the WP_query ultimate-tag-warrior defect normal christined assigned 07/19/05
#332 captcha support to stop spam bots wp-contact-form enhancement normal ryanduff new 12/20/05
#337 email not sending, no error wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 12/29/05
#347 Open in New window ? bunny-tags defect normal steph new 01/11/06
#370 Drop Down in Firefox Does Not Populate Fields geo defect normal ringmaster new 02/13/06
#412 URI of blog isn't correctly implemented dunstan-error-page defect normal fergbrain assigned 04/30/06
#459 jump to calculated page for any requested comment paged-comments enhancement normal keyvan assigned 08/13/06
#467 leading paragraph mts-per-post defect normal chuyskywalker new 08/23/06
#489 Changing Language to plugin, Spanish, just the "Your E-mail" stuff wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 10/20/06
#500 href error mailing-list defect normal MagicG new 11/26/06
#537 Charset may be wrong post-notification defect normal morty assigned 01/25/07
#601 Add RSS actions so as to not have to edit the wp-rss2 file. geo enhancement normal ringmaster new 02/25/07
#742 Output is invalid microformat - fn should be inside item hreview-support-for-editor defect normal andrewescott new 01/20/08
#882 Repeated language in URL with WP 2.6 gengo defect normal pixline new 07/15/08
#919 Categories in permalinks destroyed (with patch) gengo defect normal pixline new 09/20/08
#1019 Inline edit display after save organizer defect normal imthiaz new 08/23/09
#1249 The "Last Updated" date of my plugin doesn't change update-manager defect normal mutube new 12/14/10
#1250 The "Last Updated" date of my plugin doesn't change update-manager defect normal mutube new 12/14/10
#1266 Plugin Download Page - CataBlog Incorrect Last Updated Date plugin-downloads defect normal macguru2000 new 01/12/11
#1268 Custom Fields not Submitting wp-e-commerce defect normal mufasa new 01/15/11
#1272 Audit Trail: functions persist after plugin removal and wp_audit_trail dropped not-listed defect normal new 01/25/11
#1280 Redirect to Site URL's Login Page not-listed defect normal new 02/27/11
#1286 enable keyboard left/right arrow to browse and escape to close shutter-reloaded enhancement normal azaozz new 03/07/11
#1368 Plugin disappeared not-listed defect normal letsfx new 08/13/11
#1402 DNS Blacklist shouldn't use zen.spamhaus.org sabre defect normal dlo new 10/18/11
#1462 [People Lists Plugin] Updating Profile Breaks User Bio + HTML Displaying in Visual Editor not-listed defect normal new 01/16/12
#1463 kcite/trunk/kcite.php@491207 has w before php tag not-listed defect normal new 01/19/12
#1464 rutube support not-listed task normal new 01/20/12
#1503 Error in log file not-listed defect normal new 03/27/12
#1509 RSS import script uses GMT offset incorrectly in DST rss-import defect normal Bueltge new 04/09/12
#1519 2-click-socialmedia-buttons - XSS not-listed defect normal ppfeufer new 05/10/12
#1520 Custom Contact Forms - XSS not-listed defect normal tlovett1 new 05/10/12
#1521 better_wp_security - XSS not-listed defect normal Bit51 new 05/10/12
#1522 BulletProof Security - XSS not-listed defect normal AITpro new 05/10/12
#1544 Unable to Save Streamer Setting when Using CloudFront not-listed defect normal LongTail Video new 06/28/12
#1567 Show bar after page reload if before it was opened debug-bar enhancement normal adisos new 08/21/12
#1577 Update To Plugin to add DoubleClick Data Collect google-analytics-for-wordpress enhancement normal joostdevalk new 09/21/12
#1612 Updated Files Not Showing not-listed defect normal new 11/26/12
#1645 Reflective XSS in Marekkis Watermark-Plugin not-listed defect normal watermark new 02/03/13
#1657 Images collision in multisite not-listed defect normal new 02/14/13
#1722 Please remove plugin from directory wp-gallery task normal ghutchis new 05/13/13
#1753 Overlapping bbpress attachment links attach-files defect normal gdragon new 05/23/13
#1771 Powerpress Added Hooks to Feed Authentication not-listed enhancement normal amandato new 06/08/13
#1787 Twitter Feed on my Word Press website (genesis theme) no longer working twitter-viewer defect normal novatech new 06/20/13
#2105 Fotorama: Determining the plugin directory not-listed defect normal artpolikarpov new 01/03/14
#2336 Add more logo sizes not-listed enhancement normal noplanman new 12/14/14
#2395 WP-Fullcalendar 0.9 changes are conficting with other plugins not-listed enhancement normal netweblogic new 05/11/15
#2438 I need to add my plugin to publicly! not-listed defect normal chandrakeshkumar new 09/24/15
#2558 Add user meta values in search search-everything enhancement normal dancameron new 11/18/16
#2568 There was a problem while notifying Bing google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 01/09/17
#2620 Fix problem with Woocommerce not-listed defect normal new 06/14/17
#2675 LinkedIn Company Updates - Fixes not-listed enhancement normal Andrew Rockwell new 12/14/17
#1196 Fatal error on activation (path issue) shrimptest defect blocker mitchoyoshitaka new 09/02/10
#1336 Not formatting, when Simple Facebook Connect - Base is active syntaxhighlighter defect blocker Viper007Bond new 06/22/11
#1504 I can't activate the plugin gengo defect blocker majelbstoat new 03/28/12
#262 Kramer "Cannot load kramer.php." kramer defect critical nik new 09/07/05
#408 Please help Steef defect critical greasemonkey-repository new 04/22/06
#510 livePreviewDivAdded not defined live-comment-preview defect critical chuyskywalker new 12/20/06
#672 CDATA caused bugged comments wordpress-commentracker defect critical jjunyent new 07/29/07
#927 Gengo does not respect custom wp-content location gengo defect critical pixline new 11/10/08
#1371 Remove Deprecated function phpbb-recent-topics defect critical linickx new 08/18/11
#1413 posts_per_page attribute does not function properly list-posts-by-category defect critical frucomerci new 11/02/11
#111 wp-tags gets unexpected warning in wp-blog-header wp-tags defect major gzfelix assigned 03/18/05
#122 Cannot See Per-Post Formatting Options mts-per-post defect major chuyskywalker assigned 03/27/05
#249 <wiki> tag not handled properly dokuwiki-markup defect major tiagobilou reopened 08/23/05
#318 Form action looses the post id wp-contact-form defect major ryanduff new 11/28/05
#344 Tags don't appear in the tag field bunny-tags defect major steph new 01/10/06
#392 shortstat 1.3 appears broken under wordpress 2.0.x with a few other plugins wp-shortstat defect major chuyskywalker new 03/17/06
#436 widgets configuration aint working. widgets defect major skeltoac new 06/24/06
#474 Admin Link Returns 404 wp-contact-form defect major ryanduff new 09/17/06
#487 fetch_rss() not defined widgets defect major skeltoac new 10/14/06
#592 Tags disappearing after a comment 360voice-bits-plugin defect major Saccia new 02/17/07
#605 Recent Entries widget breaks loop flow widgets defect major skeltoac new 02/28/07
#622 Ampersands not encoded in trackback URL kramer defect major nik new 03/17/07
#746 Session Start Causing Comment Error wp-ajax-edit-comments defect major ronalfy assigned 01/29/08
#751 The + Character is Deleted When Editing a Comment wp-ajax-edit-comments defect major ronalfy assigned 02/06/08
#888 Like to have the ability to merge site stats and/or delete duplicate sites stats enhancement major andy new 07/18/08
#939 wp-e-commerce fails to deal with moved plugin directories wp-e-commerce defect major mufasa new 12/08/08
#946 Commentmood plugin 1-bit-audio-player defect major markwheeler new 12/31/08
#1000 Option to remove CSS "clear" does not get saved subscribe-to-comments defect major markjaquith new 07/21/09
#1138 Document API for custom metric types and variant types shrimptest task major mitchoyoshitaka new 07/02/10
#1148 Bring back manual cache controls yet-another-related-posts-plugin enhancement major mitchoyoshitaka new 07/05/10
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