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GrafZahl (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#727 combine link_summary() and get_link_summary() link-summarizer enhancement minor 12/01/07

I wanted to change some details of the plugin (more to come if you like) and, to make these changes easier, started with combining the two functions link_summary() and get_link_summary() which were virtually equal. I've attached the changed plugin file, based on the current development version. Both functions now use lnsum_generate_link_summary() to get their output. If you want to incorporate this into your plugin, you might want to check my use of tab characters (I'm using spaces usually).

Steph (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#244 Tags in RSS feeds? bunny-tags defect normal 08/11/05

Excellent plugin, is there a way to insert the tags from the meta_data into my RSS feed as a <category> tag? From what I've been reading, technorati reads from the feed and not so much the article itself. I could be wrong.

TV productions (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#2171 Easy Photo Album: Add album pagination not-listed enhancement minor 03/02/14

It might be nice (especially for large albums) to add pagination to the album overview.

#2173 Easy Photo Album: More robust album save mechanism. not-listed enhancement normal 03/17/14

Currently the albums save also the title and the caption of an image, with a hacky workaround to update the captions if they are changed in the media library. It would be better to save only the image id and the order and load the title and caption on render. The user should still be able to edit the caption (and/or the title) from the album edit screen.

The current method has also very weird effects, like removing all the album data at once.

Code suggestions:

  1. Don't use $this->current_photos = array() in save_metadata but more something like:
    $images = get_images_from_request(); // the album images, processed after submit
    // There could be some check if the album is empty, 
    // that should be done at the front end and then sets some flag.
    order_images($images); // sort by order
    $this--->current_photos = $images; // just add them
  2. Empty album check at the front-end.
    // on save:
    if (album.images.length == 0) {
       if (confirm("Do you really want to submit an empty album?")) {
           flag_is_empty = true;
       else {

beaucollins (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#206 Video support wpicasa enhancement normal 06/29/05

Picasa also supports video. WPicasa should detect if the resource is a video or image and display appropriately. However, must keep standards in mind when embedding video into the page.

#207 Photo posts follow album post category wpicasa enhancement normal 06/29/05

Photo posts should be given the same category as the album post and should update along with the album post.

bennettmcelwee (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#171 Radio buttons don't appear on bookmarklet post screen topcat defect normal 05/26/05

Radio buttons don't appear on bookmarklet post screen.

The injected JS needs to check if it's in the popup screen, I guess.

#175 Radio buttons don't line up in Firefox topcat defect normal 05/26/05

In FF, the radio buttons are offset a few pixels up. Fix by applying some style, perhaps.

christined (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#223 For tag pages, need to hook into the WP_query ultimate-tag-warrior defect normal 07/19/05

Right now, we're allowing the normal front page WP_query to run, and then running our own. This is highly inefficient. We should be testing for $_GETtag? in the plugin and modifying the query (maybe just making it blank).

#224 Paged tag pages ultimate-tag-warrior defect normal 07/19/05

We need http://site.com/tag/tag-name/2/ for paged tag pages. This will require a modified rewrite rule, and a modification to the function that gets the tagged posts (using offset and limit)

chuyskywalker (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#122 Cannot See Per-Post Formatting Options mts-per-post defect major 03/27/05

I just installed Text Control on a WordPress 1.5 blog. The Control Panel shows up on the "Options" page and I can set the site defaults. I've verified that the site defaults actually take effect. However, I cannot see the "Format this post with:" section when writing either Pages or Posts.

#133 wind direction getweather defect normal 04/03/05


I wanted to ask if it is possible to add wind direction to the get weather output. This would help me decide whether to go surfing.

my site: www.juicygeography.co.uk/blog

Thanks for a great plugin by the way!


fergbrain (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#412 URI of blog isn't correctly implemented dunstan-error-page defect normal 04/30/06

Seems to have something awry with its handling of the site url ... my <em>filesystem</em> has WP living in www.example.com/wordpress/, but its served up from http://example.com. A consequence of this is that the homepage and search links in the plugin's Your Options section include wordpress/ in their paths, and thus are invalid.

#411 Spelling error dunstan-error-page defect normal 04/30/06

For some reason, the page your trying to access.." should be 'you're'

gzfelix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#111 wp-tags gets unexpected warning in wp-blog-header wp-tags defect major 03/18/05

Warning: extract(): First argument should be an array in /path/to/wp/wp-blog-header.php on line 175

This repeats around 20 times down the page and then it gives this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46080 bytes) in /pat/to/wp/wp-blog-header.php on line 40

The user is using PHP 4.3.10, safe mode, MySQL 3.23.

izela (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#2238 new test ticket not-listed defect normal 07/07/14

keyvan (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#459 jump to calculated page for any requested comment paged-comments enhancement normal 08/13/06

I've come up with a function to calculate the page that any particular comment is on, so after a comment post the site can redirect the vistor back to the very page (and comment) they just posted on.

This could be extended to a search hack where if comments are searched a visitor could be redirected to the actual comment on it's designated page rather than being forced to use "show all" flat style.

blogged on this here

as a working example, I've enhanced the last two lines of wp-comments-post.php and added the (incomplete) function as attached (I'll post code updated on the blog above as I have time)

linickx (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#1694 Logic for ellipses phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal 04/13/13

Thanks for a great plug-in.

An interface for the character limit of the subject line would be awesome. For now I increased it manually, but more importantly I added logic for ellipses if needed. Here's a diff:

88c88 < echo '<li class="prt_li" style="line-height: 20px;">'; ---

echo '<li class="prt_li" >';

126,131c126 < $lastpost_temp = preg_replace('/Re\:\ /',, $topic->topic_last_post_subject); < if (strlen($lastpost_temp) > 34) { < echo substr($lastpost_temp,0,33) . '...'; < } else { < echo $lastpost_temp; < } ---

echo "$topic->topic_last_post_subject";

170c165 < ?> ---


michitzky (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#2202 Prevent multiple ZIPing not-listed enhancement normal 04/23/14

Files should only be added to a ZIP once, this saves server load an will reduce script execution time considerably. To achieve this, the backupHandler Class needs a rewrite.

morty (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#537 Charset may be wrong post-notification defect normal 01/25/07

All the files are Coded UTF-8. Although this is the standard option for WP there may be problems.

#549 Add possebility to subscribe to comments. post-notification enhancement normal 01/29/07

Most subscribe to comment-plugins suck, as quite a few mails have to be sent at once. Probably the implemenation is quite simple as only the mail sending code needs to be adjusted for comments and one more table needs to be introduced. The usermanagement can probably be taken from an other plugin.

#571 Add Widget-option post-notification enhancement normal 02/07/07

Add an Option to use Widgets.

#610 The Return Path may be overwritten by the server post-notification defect normal 03/09/07

The return-path is often overwritten by the Server.

petervcook (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#890 4 digit chapter numbers incorrectly recognised as a bible reference the-holy-scripturizer defect normal 07/22/08

v1.8.2 recognizes 4 digit numbers as being a potential chapter number, which is a problem for reference to, for example, the Children Act 1989, where Act 1989 is turned into a bible reference.

I've attached a patch which changes the verse_regex in two ways:

  • the [-&,] pattern must appear at least once, instead of 0 or 1 times
  • the verse must be followed by a word break

The first of these is necessary because everything was optional between the first match 1-3 digits for the chapter, and the final match 1+ digits of a follow on verse. This meant that it would match Act 123456789 as a reference to Acts chapter 123456789.

The second is necessary because just the first change matches Act 1989 as a ref to Acts 198, with a non-hyperlinked 9 immediately following.

pixline (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#896 comment feeds for all and single posts are broken (with patch) gengo defect blocker 08/03/08

As desribed in this thread in the old forum there is a solution for the broken comment feeds. I've tested Nem's patch with WP 2.6 and it works great.

#872 Conflict with Viper's Video Quicktags plugin gengo defect major 06/17/08

When Gengo and Viper's Video Quicktags are both enabled it shows an error on the front page:

Fatal error: Call to a member function wp_rewrite_rules() on a non-object in wp-includes\classes.php on line 38

#860 in edit.php: add new category error, but working (missing language code) gengo defect normal 05/19/08

WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' 'solo roba italiana', 'solo-roba-italiana', )' at line 1] INSERT INTO wp_term2syn (term_id, language_id, synonym, sanitised, description) VALUES (3, , 'solo roba italiana', 'solo-roba-italiana', )

WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near at line 1] SELECT synonym, sanitised, description FROM wp_term2syn WHERE term_id = 3 AND language_id =

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /xy/wp-includes/wp-db.php:226) in /Users/gomez/Sites/wpgengo/wp-includes/classes.php on line 798

#866 Patch to fix translated tags and feeds gengo enhancement normal 06/08/08

The attached patch fixes localized tags and feeds. Please review and consider applying

#874 Multi-Domain Support gengo enhancement normal 06/24/08

It would be great if Gengo could implement support for Multi-Domain Multilingual sites. The scenario: you have several domains (eg: domain.com, domain.us, domain.es, domain.de, domain.ch etc.) and you want to determine the gengo_language using the TLD.

#883 Gengo widget not theme (and xhtml) compliant gengo defect normal 07/16/08

The Gengo "Language Controls" widget is not theme compliant.

Since it adds hard-coded h2 headers in each widget section header, it may break themes since their heading structure may be different.

I'm not sure which is the best way to fix this, but in the attached patch, I basically treated the widget like three distinct widgets in sequence.

I've also fixed a minor issue which prevents XHTML validation: the "Language control" ul element had the same id as the "Available languages" ul element. I've changed it, but I'm not 100% sure if this can't break something (I've tested it and found no problems)

#936 implode(): Invalid arguments passed in gengo.php on line 1484 gengo defect normal 12/02/08

This line assumes that $ids is always an array, but if you only have one language selected, it is not an array. The solution is to test for the array before calling the function:

if (is_array($ids)) {
	$language_ids = implode(",", $ids);
} else {
        $language_ids = $ids;

#856 gengo filters vs. snippet-able widget gengo enhancement minor 05/13/08

I'm not sure about the right way to proceed here. Someone asks to have filters directly into Gengo, and/but I think that a widget able to deal with snippets would be a nice thing. Let's talk about them!

see: http://jamietalbot.com/wp-hacks/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=200 http://jamietalbot.com/wp-hacks/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=201

ronalfy (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#746 Session Start Causing Comment Error wp-ajax-edit-comments defect major 01/29/08

Failed to initialize storage module for session write. May need to detect session and just disable this feature if it's not available.

#751 The + Character is Deleted When Editing a Comment wp-ajax-edit-comments defect major 02/06/08

When a "+" character is inserted into a post, the character is edited out. Solution may be to convert this character to an HTML entity.

#747 Losing Paragraphs after editing comment (by Mo) wp-ajax-edit-comments defect minor 01/29/08

Say you have a few paragraphs:

Thanks for the comment.

Thanks again...

If you edit thanks again, the comment will show up: Thanks for the comment. Thanks again...

#740 Allow unlimited editing for logged in users wp-ajax-edit-comments enhancement normal 01/17/08

Add in an admin panel option to allow unlimited editing for logged in users.

#748 Allow AJAX Moderation Options wp-ajax-edit-comments enhancement normal 01/29/08

When in the moderation queue, add an approve, delete, and spam button so that moderation will work without a refresh.

#749 No-Follow in Comments wp-ajax-edit-comments enhancement normal 01/29/08

Several have suggested removing no-follow in comments. This seems to be out of the scope of the plugin, but I may add it in.

ryanduff (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#155 Plug-in has some issues with textile 2 wp-contact-form defect normal 04/29/05

When I use your plug-in it only works when I turn off Textile 2. Otherwise I get to see this contactform->.

#401 Speed enhancement wp-contact-form enhancement normal 04/02/06

On line 121 of wp-contactform.php, you write

if(! preg_match('|<!--contact form-->|', $content))

I don't see the point of using a regular expression here, I replaced your line with

if(! strpos($content, '<!--contact form-->'))

which is much "cheaper", especially on long sites.


stephdau (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#680 Prepare wpDirAuth for 1.0 release wpdirauth task major 08/29/07

Now that wpDirAuth has been imported to the WP Plugin Repo, it's time to get ready for the big 1.0.

tamlyn (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#2400 Maintain environment relative links on sync not-listed enhancement minor 05/27/15

I have modified your plugin a bit to accommodate multiple environments.

My mod replaces URLs in the SQL dump to maintain site functionality and QA ability.

e.g. from dev.site.com if you pull from staging.site.com all of the post links will point to staging.site.com which is undesirable. from dev.site.com if you push to staging.site.com all of the post links on staging will then point to dev which is also undesirable. etc.

I have attached the file I have modified, note the comments maintain site links There is one caveat, each environment must contain a variable with the site url like so,

$_ENV['SITE_URL'] = 'dev.site.com';

I use this with AWS Elastic Beanstalk and RDS

toddsundsted (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#971 Only Display Tweets on Single Post Pages 1-bit-audio-player enhancement normal 04/12/09

On display tweets on single post pages. This will be fine for most blogs, but may break Charlie's site, so this may need to be a configurable option.

tperraglia (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#468 Problem downloading a WP plugin favatars defect normal 09/02/06

Thanks in advance,

I have been trying to download favatars.php, but I keep getting redirected to the same two pages and can't download file.

Help and thanks again.

wnorris (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#729 non-openid website not accepted openid defect critical 12/05/07

I've not verified this myself just yet, but Paul O'Flaherty reports in this post[0] that wp-openid doesn't allow a commenter to enter a non-OpenID URL in the website field.

[0]: http://blog.oflaherty.dk/2007/12/05/ive-turned-off-openid-support-for-now/

#719 improve XRI handling openid enhancement minor 11/09/07

OpenID2.0 requires that an XRI's CanonicalID be used as the claimed ID. This is not real user friendly, so we should display the claimed XRI if the author's name is not available (sreg, etc), while still using the canonical ID as the true identifier (and probably the author link)

#639 need better algorithm for account name generation openid enhancement minor 04/18/07

The current algorithm for generating account names for new OpenIDs is pretty bad. A good reference for a better algorithm could likely be found in http://openid.phpbb.cc/

#640 openid breaks with AJAX commenting openid defect normal 04/18/07

This is particularly an issue with the K2 theme, but may also effect others. We need either a way to make it work with the AJAX commenting (hard to imagine), or provide a warning if the K2 theme is detected with AJAX comments enabled.

xaglen (1 match)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#306 multiple non-consecutive verses with & scripturizer defect normal 11/04/05

This is more of an edge case, maybe, but I've got the following in my data set: Phil. 2:2 & 5. This is currently matching Phil. 2:2 for me.

zetaprints (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Plugin Milestone Type Severity Created
#2093 Flikr photos in admin not-listed enhancement normal 12/20/13

This plugin does almost what we need


It should be simplified.

The goal is to insert flickr images into blog posts with as little pain as possible.

  1. Remove all gallery and slideshow features, associated templates, scripts, controls, etc. Leave only an option to insert a single photo.
  1. Change from inserting a shortcode to inserting a/img tags into the post.
  1. Add an option for the link to be: Flickr page/Large img/none.
  1. Change the default number of photos showing in the admin to 20. There is more than one place in the code to change it, beware.
  1. Remove Delete function and the code behind it.
  1. Add a link to flickr, target=_blank
  1. Remove "Enable viewer" in the config and flickr manager.
  1. Remove Everyone and Upload tabs from the flickr manager screen.
  1. Not sure what Albums tab does. It always shows an empty dropdown even if there are sets in the account. Double check. If it should show sets then keep it, we'll fix it later. If it shows something else then I'd kill it.
  1. Check if search works. It didn't work for me. I'd kill it.
  1. Make sure the images are showing sorted, latest first. The user is most likely to be interested in inserting something very recent.
  1. Retain the size and alignment controls, transfer them to a/img using the same class names as now.
  1. Drop references to the old jquery. Use the one we already have.

In the end, it should be a much smaller plugin that does just one thing: helps to insert a single photo from flickr into a page or a post.

Update the acknowledgements in readme.txt and flick a message to the guy behind the git fork to let him know.

  1. Remove the link to the photo on flicker to allow wrapping the image in an <a> tag

#2094 Clear RSS cache not-listed enhancement normal 12/20/13

Merge RSS media with clear rss cache plugin.

See attached.

We need an easy way of resetting feeds. Some feeds get stuck in the cache forever.

Change the default feed lifetime to 1hr.

#2095 Printing and mobile styles for RSS Widget not-listed enhancement normal 12/20/13

eview our widgets for printing and mobile incompatibilities.

E.g. .rssimport-jcarousel-prev, .rssimport-jcarousel-next in the carousel only pollute the page, so got to be hidden.

I would even consider showing all slides from the carousel on a printed page. It may not work for everyone, but should do the job for us.

Check the widgets on mobile screens and touch. There will be a few problems for sure.

Open source carousel with touch

http://uraniumjs.com/widgets/carousel.html http://www.mobify.com/mobifyjs/modules/carousel-examples/

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.