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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Type Severity Owner Status Created
#472 How I can add my plugin to codex wordpress bulk-category-manager defect normal info@… new 09/11/06
#1505 How can i verify WPtouch API key? verificador defect normal KarlanKas new 04/03/12
#2220 How do I update the plugin? not-listed defect normal new 05/22/14
#2342 How to help make this plugin better? Do you use github? Where to contact when i got ready changes to push into github? Or svn and where? tinymce-advanced enhancement normal azaozz new 12/26/14
#2407 How to recover SVN repository credentials for uploaded pluigns not-listed enhancement critical new 06/14/15
#2243 I added a new option to the plugin "Awesome Admin Cleaner" not-listed defect normal artitmedia new 07/20/14
#407 I am looking for a way to add a contact form, that doesnt require the user to enter in an email, or name. wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 04/20/06
#1340 I can not update my widget clock not-listed defect normal new 06/28/11
#1504 I can't activate the plugin gengo defect blocker majelbstoat new 03/28/12
#1873 I found a bug in Jetpack Photon photon defect normal jillij new 08/16/13
#2150 I have Problems with editing Woocommerce not-listed defect normal new 02/07/14
#2438 I need to add my plugin to publicly! not-listed defect normal chandrakeshkumar new 09/24/15
#343 I'd like to pick my Lat/Long display mode geo enhancement normal ringmaster new 01/09/06
#284 IP field in email returns wp-contact-form defect minor ryanduff new 10/03/05
#1525 Ice Visual Revisions not-listed enhancement normal new 05/18/12
#319 Icons not displaying with GetWeather getweather defect normal chuyskywalker new 11/28/05
#177 If the loop is modified in a template before the tag blob is shown it all goes wrong technorati-tagging defect normal boneill new 05/31/05
#1657 Images collision in multisite not-listed defect normal new 02/14/13
#1102 Implement DateTime Class? countdown-timer enhancement normal fergbrain new 03/30/10
#2295 Import not-listed defect normal new 10/07/14
#1476 Imported files do not show correct Last Edited Date not-listed defect normal new 02/09/12
#1443 Improve Menus UI menu-maker enhancement normal sascha123 new 12/22/11
#705 Improve hcard detection on URL onblur() openid enhancement minor wnorris new 10/19/07
#2312 Improved property_details_shortcode() method not-listed enhancement normal new 11/11/14
#697 Improvement suggestion: Comma separators 1-bit-audio-player enhancement normal markwheeler new 09/28/07
#698 Improvement suggestion: Comma separators bunny-tags enhancement normal steph new 09/28/07
#867 Improvements to Multi Page Toolkit multi-page-toolkit defect normal tarkan new 06/10/08
#1229 Improvements to Opengraph 1-bit-audio-player defect normal markwheeler new 10/23/10
#1867 Improvements to Simple Colorbox not-listed enhancement normal ryanhellyer new 08/13/13
#1361 In the experiments overview, total visitors shows as zero until the experiment stops shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 08/03/11
#312 Incoming Feeds results in Fatal Error kramer defect normal nik new 11/19/05
#2188 Increasing XML Individual Sites not-listed defect normal new 04/09/14
#2249 Infinite-scroll - incompatible with 4.0 beta3 (conflict with media library) not-listed defect normal new 08/07/14
#1910 Inform the user when access denied not-listed defect normal new 09/04/13
#2181 Initial "A." in abbreviations is changed to lowercase in title-case plugin not-listed defect normal new 03/29/14
#1019 Inline edit display after save organizer defect normal imthiaz new 08/23/09
#2387 Insecure image loaded when site uses https not-listed defect normal new 04/28/15
#1760 Instant email subscription confirmation not-listed enhancement normal new 05/29/13
#2424 Integrate Sign Language through Videomail not-listed enhancement normal new 08/30/15
#457 Invalid RSS feed using both Kramer and UserExtra plugins Steef defect normal greasemonkey-repository new 08/13/06
#662 Investigate better handling in archive views wp-syntax enhancement normal rmm5t new 06/04/07
#2178 Issue with update code and HTTPS redirect not-listed defect critical new 03/26/14
#1685 Italian translation Subscribe 2 8.9.1 not-listed enhancement normal new 04/07/13
#1357 JS injection vulnerability in gt-tabs not-listed defect major Diomenas new 08/01/11
#273 JS should only be loaded for post.php live-post-preview defect normal slaad new 09/20/05
#1390 JavaScript error on pages that don't have submit button (WP-reCAPTCHA) not-listed defect normal new 09/22/11
#2232 Jetpack: Jetpack_Color toXyz and toLabCie not-listed defect normal new 06/17/14
#262 Kramer "Cannot load kramer.php." kramer defect critical nik new 09/07/05
#430 Kramer debug msg: No post ID found for http://www.article6blog.com/ kramer defect normal nik new 06/13/06
#715 Kramer icon image broken kramer defect normal nik new 11/07/07
#881 Kramer inserts inbound links as comments kramer defect normal nik new 07/10/08
#441 Kramer newlines? kramer defect normal nik new 07/03/06
#2420 Lack of username sanitation not-listed defect normal new 08/10/15
#2005 Large subsets of users not-listed defect normal new 10/17/13
#2379 Last updated label incorrect not-listed defect normal new 04/08/15
#888 Like to have the ability to merge site stats and/or delete duplicate sites stats enhancement major andy new 07/18/08
#585 Limit scope of 'the_content' filter? share-this enhancement normal alexkingorg new 02/13/07
#954 Line Numbers Alignment wp-syntax defect trivial rmm5t new 02/08/09
#2205 Link to Privacy Settings Page not-listed defect normal new 04/25/14
#2369 List Custom Taxonomy Widget - adding option for 'all terms' not-listed enhancement normal celloexpressions new 03/05/15
#2370 List Custom Taxonomy Widget - adding option for javascript autosubmit dropdown not-listed enhancement normal celloexpressions new 03/05/15
#1454 LiveJournal Importer fails to import <lj-user="sampleuser" /> tag not-listed defect major new 01/10/12
#1455 LiveJournal Importer fails to import comments not-listed defect major new 01/10/12
#1231 LiveJournal Importer mishandles some <lj-cut> and <lj user=""> expressions livejournal-comments defect normal a-bishop new 11/09/10
#1304 Localisation / Internationalization phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal linickx new 05/04/11
#439 Localization Widgets widgets defect normal Sewar reopened 07/01/06
#955 Localization bug subscribe-to-comments defect normal markjaquith new 02/13/09
#1305 Localization of Currency Symbols to Database wp-e-commerce task critical mufasa new 05/05/11
#1694 Logic for ellipses phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal linickx assigned 04/13/13
#2429 Login Lockdown locks out everyone due to web app firewall login-lockdown enhancement normal mvandemar new 09/03/15
#747 Losing Paragraphs after editing comment (by Mo) wp-ajax-edit-comments defect minor ronalfy assigned 01/29/08
#2200 Lots of warnings because of incorrect use of string vs constant not-listed defect normal new 04/21/14
#1410 MCEComments and Tango Smileys Extended not-listed defect major whesleymccabe new 11/01/11
#2023 MP6 widgets: open sidebar when dragging over not-listed defect normal new 10/30/13
#1283 Magic fields write panel menu's overwrite other menu's not-listed defect normal new 03/03/11
#357 Mail Subject to change for each use wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 01/20/06
#335 Mail delivery failed wp-contact-form defect major ryanduff new 12/26/05
#2400 Maintain environment relative links on sync not-listed enhancement minor tamlyn assigned 05/27/15
#1518 Major Improvements to Importer Plugin not-listed defect normal new 05/09/12
#497 Make popups of events upcoming-events enhancement normal StarDestroyer new 11/21/06
#2025 Make simplesaml-authentication MU compatible not-listed enhancement normal new 10/31/13
#1398 Makes wp_title return subtitle, even when there is no title not-listed defect major GaryJ new 10/03/11
#2291 Making the Akismet activation button accessible akismet defect normal matt new 10/05/14
#258 Markdown Support live-post-preview defect normal slaad new 09/03/05
#915 Maximum number of characters on tool tip the-holy-scripturizer enhancement normal petervcook new 09/08/08
#1547 Media uploader doesn't work with Flikr Photo Post not-listed defect normal msoftware new 07/03/12
#2277 Menu Customizer: Drag & Drop Re-ordering needs to account for submenus not-listed defect normal new 09/14/14
#2308 Menu Customizer: leverage WP.Backbone.View for subviews in add-menu-item panel not-listed enhancement normal new 10/26/14
#2331 Menu Customizer: make a menu setting "dirty" whenever an item in it is updated not-listed defect normal new 12/07/14
#1293 Method get_poll with way to get poll_id wp-polls enhancement normal GamerZ new 04/05/11
#1264 Minor tweaks for snack-bar 1-bit-audio-player enhancement normal markwheeler new 01/11/11
#1684 Minor whitespace fixes for MP6 not-listed enhancement minor new 04/06/13
#1427 Missing hook when deleting images via bulk actions nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1540 Missing translations strings not-listed enhancement normal FxBe new 06/20/12
#1533 Misspelling in Settings not-listed defect normal new 06/06/12
#1564 Modules exports cannot work redirection defect major johnny5 new 08/14/12
#1496 More Flexible JS/CSS enqueue paths yet-another-advanced-paged-navigation enhancement normal YaaL new 03/20/12
#2265 More flexible expansion of custom field values within the [loop] not-listed enhancement normal new 09/04/14
#2443 Mulitcons Plugin Question not-listed defect normal new 10/14/15
#2293 Multi Slider Image Responsive not-listed defect normal cauut2117610 new 10/07/14
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