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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1592 "digforcats" option in shortcode not working download-monitor defect normal jolley_small new 10/18/12
#1649  (( should also work as footnote markup opening wp-footnotes defect minor drzax new 02/03/13
#1947 (SVN commit ) I can not update the plugin not-listed defect critical new 09/18/13
#1949 (SVN commit ) I can not update the plugin not-listed defect critical new 09/18/13
#1721 /wp-admin/ shows blank screen not-listed defect major new 05/11/13
#1171 0000059: Footnotes range on multiple footnotes wp-footnotes enhancement normal drzax new 08/05/10
#1170 0000067: Footnotes in title wp-footnotes enhancement normal drzax new 08/05/10
#1519 2-click-socialmedia-buttons - XSS not-listed defect normal ppfeufer new 05/10/12
#336 2.0 adi-adsense defect normal Oodi new 12/27/05
#890 4 digit chapter numbers incorrectly recognised as a bible reference the-holy-scripturizer defect normal petervcook assigned 07/22/08
#2182 4.0 is broken in FPM/FastCGI servers. google-sitemap-generator defect blocker arnee new 03/30/14
#249 <wiki> tag not handled properly dokuwiki-markup defect major tiagobilou reopened 08/23/05
#2170 A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt not-listed defect blocker new 03/02/14
#427 Ability to edit Names after Creation geo defect minor ringmaster new 06/12/06
#125 Accessing post location in admin > options post-location defect normal readwl new 03/29/05
#1222 Activation warning shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 10/06/10
#2155 Adblock Plus hides banner not-listed defect blocker new 02/10/14
#1650 Add Filter to Category Page Titles all-in-one-seo-pack enhancement normal uberdose new 02/04/13
#215 Add GZIP support wp-cache enhancement normal gallir new 07/13/05
#686 Add Gzip support to Share This css, js and form page share-this enhancement normal alexkingorg new 09/08/07
#322 Add PREVIEW option when posting comments live-comment-preview enhancement normal chuyskywalker new 11/30/05
#1652 Add Pinterest and LinkedIn and Bug Fix not-listed enhancement normal new 02/06/13
#601 Add RSS actions so as to not have to edit the wp-rss2 file. geo enhancement normal ringmaster new 02/25/07
#1308 Add Site Speed Tracking google-analytics-for-wordpress enhancement normal joostdevalk new 05/06/11
#1506 Add URL regex check for soundcloud.com not-listed enhancement normal jowagener new 04/04/12
#571 Add Widget-option post-notification enhancement normal morty assigned 02/07/07
#2021 Add a Geolocation module to Jetpack jetpack enhancement minor tmoorewp new 10/30/13
#1964 Add a feature to Photon for disabling cache to specific images jetpack enhancement normal Udi Burg new 09/24/13
#1539 Add a parameter to define config.php not-listed enhancement normal madeinthayaland new 06/15/12
#1167 Add child theme support yet-another-related-posts-plugin enhancement normal mitchoyoshitaka new 08/02/10
#1344 Add css class for parent li item of active sub-item not-listed enhancement normal maxchirkov new 07/07/11
#278 Add more default styles bloglines-reader enhancement normal Coda new 09/26/05
#549 Add possebility to subscribe to comments. post-notification enhancement normal morty assigned 01/29/07
#1271 Add support for custom post types not-listed enhancement normal new 01/24/11
#743 Add support for dtreviewed, reviewer and license hreview-support-for-editor enhancement minor andrewescott new 01/20/08
#1682 Add support for getting IP from request headers login-lockdown enhancement major mvandemar new 04/05/13
#533 Add support for inline <code> snippets wp-syntax enhancement normal rmm5t new 01/21/07
#1142 Add support for related {your custom post type here} yet-another-related-posts-plugin enhancement minor mitchoyoshitaka new 07/04/10
#1385 Add the_title() and the_content() checks - Theme Check not-listed enhancement normal pross new 09/18/11
#1161 Add unit tests! shrimptest task normal mitchoyoshitaka new 07/19/10
#1337 Add upload mechanism for thumbnail not-listed enhancement normal new 06/22/11
#744 Add wp_nonce_field-usage to admin-section pandora-feeds-for-wordpress enhancement normal Erunafailaro new 01/21/08
#1461 Added hebrew support + lang files.. not-listed defect normal Yakir Sitbon new 01/15/12
#1483 Adding Albanian translation for OpenID plugin openid task normal mjgiarlo new 03/01/12
#1298 Adding Page support for Markdown-on-Save not-listed defect normal new 04/12/11
#229 Additional options wp-contact-form enhancement normal ryanduff new 07/25/05
#1365 Additional variants (after the first) aren't correctly sent to form not-listed defect major new 08/09/11
#474 Admin Link Returns 404 wp-contact-form defect major ryanduff new 09/17/06
#1500 Adminer: quotes are inappropriately escaped when editing SQL statements not-listed defect normal new 03/23/12
#1918 After creating corresponding article, I get redirected to wp-admin/edit.php sometimes not-listed defect normal new 09/05/13
#449 After installation - blank page wp-contact-form defect critical ryanduff new 07/13/06
#1886 After the Deadline: Mixed content warnings when using SSL on admin jetpack defect normal tmoorewp new 08/22/13
#1882 After the Deadline: better wording needed for the AtD prompt jetpack enhancement minor tmoorewp new 08/20/13
#1254 Akismet Sends New Comment Email Containg Spam, Nothing In Pending Queue akismet defect normal matt new 12/22/10
#1288 Akismet should suggest user to check current legal situation regarding data protection akismet enhancement minor matt new 03/10/11
#2159 All posts are no saved not-listed defect major new 02/16/14
#948 All priorites id reset to zero if plugin Qtranslate is active google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 01/21/09
#748 Allow AJAX Moderation Options wp-ajax-edit-comments enhancement normal ronalfy assigned 01/29/08
#1740 Allow Post By Email to Custom post Types jetpack enhancement normal georgestephanis new 05/17/13
#216 Allow Subject wp-contact-form enhancement normal ryanduff new 07/13/05
#1709 Allow activate/deactivate subscription emails per post jetpack enhancement normal migueluy new 05/01/13
#1758 Allow adding Sharing buttons to the Tiled Gallery - Slideshow jetpack enhancement normal tmoorewp new 05/28/13
#446 Allow categories widget to optionally show empty categories widgets enhancement normal skeltoac new 07/10/06
#1818 Allow debug info to be output to HTTP headers not-listed enhancement normal new 07/10/13
#1960 Allow filters to supply OpenGraph tags for more types of queries facebook enhancement normal jerox new 09/21/13
#198 Allow post author to notify subscribers of post update subscribe-to-comments enhancement normal markjaquith new 06/13/05
#1860 Allow translatable title in the CAPTCHA form not-listed defect normal new 08/09/13
#740 Allow unlimited editing for logged in users wp-ajax-edit-comments enhancement normal ronalfy assigned 01/17/08
#930 Allow user to better customize countdown output countdown-timer enhancement normal fergbrain new 11/14/08
#448 Allow user to choose number of posts to display widgets enhancement normal skeltoac new 07/12/06
#393 Allow users to register as an option registered-only enhancement normal carthik new 03/21/06
#1565 AmazonSES_DKIM: XML parse warnings when SES servers include 100 Continue HTTP status code not-listed defect major new 08/15/12
#1658 Amendment to operate multiple galleries in a single post not-listed enhancement normal new 02/21/13
#622 Ampersands not encoded in trackback URL kramer defect major nik new 03/17/07
#1471 Apply watermark has no effect although preview works when given relative path nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 02/03/12
#620 Approving comments in moderation does not result in subscription e-mails being sent subscribe-to-comments defect normal markjaquith new 03/16/07
#1935 Audio Shortcode: Including options causes the player to break jetpack defect normal tmoorewp new 09/07/13
#1794 Audio Shortcode: add a playlist option jetpack enhancement minor tmoorewp reopened 06/24/13
#1272 Audit Trail: functions persist after plugin removal and wp_audit_trail dropped not-listed defect normal new 01/25/11
#1281 Author mapping not sanitized import-wodpress-1x defect normal duck_ new 03/02/11
#655 Authors lose their lang attribute on pre tags. wp-syntax defect major rmm5t new 05/15/07
#944 Auto Upgrade and "install browser" failure on last two revisions 1-bit-audio-player defect normal markwheeler new 12/27/08
#1151 Autoload/cache experiment + variant data shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 07/06/10
#1692 Avatar Bubble appears offscreen on mobile width not-listed defect normal slaFFik new 04/11/13
#2167 BUG: Title bar over scroll bar not-listed defect normal new 02/20/14
#2018 Background Update Tester: Text Domain Missing not-listed enhancement normal nacin new 10/29/13
#1367 Bad formating when the post format is Gallery sharedaddy defect normal johnny5 new 08/11/11
#476 Blicki Options->Wiki executes options.php on click of Update Options blicki defect minor ryan new 09/21/06
#477 Blicki can't change Who can delete pages option blicki defect normal ryan new 09/21/06
#521 Blicki: Highlight differences in diff output with colors blicki enhancement trivial ryan new 01/10/07
#522 Blicki: Rework backend interface to use drop-downs blicki enhancement trivial ryan new 01/10/07
#523 Blicki: Rollback not working blicki defect blocker ryan new 01/10/07
#1148 Bring back manual cache controls yet-another-related-posts-plugin enhancement major mitchoyoshitaka new 07/05/10
#409 Bug with WP-ContactForm 1.4.3 wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 04/24/06
#1035 Bugfix: atom feed enclosures / Proposition: icon vs. logo tag podpress defect normal seek3r new 10/23/09
#1522 BulletProof Security - XSS not-listed defect normal AITpro new 05/10/12
#672 CDATA caused bugged comments wordpress-commentracker defect critical jjunyent new 07/29/07
#499 CSS Not Validating widgets defect normal skeltoac new 11/21/06
#1459 CSS bug referencing pie.htc not-listed defect normal new 01/13/12
#275 Cache Favicons Locally favatars enhancement normal chuyskywalker new 09/21/05
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