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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1052 No Permission Template doesn't display when a user isn't logged in. wp-postratings defect normal GamerZ new 12/17/09
#1109 WP-DownloadManager : bug with WordpressMu using subdirectory URL wp-downloadmanager defect normal GamerZ new 04/22/10
#1253 Use wp_mail() instead of mail() wp-dbmanager defect normal GamerZ new 12/21/10
#1293 Method get_poll with way to get poll_id wp-polls enhancement normal GamerZ new 04/05/11
#1675 Fixed notices of undefined offset wp-postviews defect normal GamerZ new 03/13/13
#2430 Updated Danish translation wp-polls enhancement normal GamerZ new 09/04/15
#2455 Update he-IL translation wp-postratings enhancement trivial GamerZ new 11/14/15
#1241 Warnings when WP_DEBUG is enabled wp-postviews enhancement minor GamerZ new 11/24/10
#1398 Makes wp_title return subtitle, even when there is no title not-listed defect major GaryJ new 10/03/11
#727 combine link_summary() and get_link_summary() link-summarizer enhancement minor GrafZahl assigned 12/01/07
#630 Text Control plugin breaks in WP 2.1.3 textile2 defect normal Jaykul new 04/04/07
#1285 Function Name Collision wp-filemanager defect normal JohannesRies new 03/07/11
#1562 Fix for audio looping not working in MediaElement.js - HTML5 Audio and Video plugin not-listed defect normal John Dyer new 08/06/12
#1415 [Plugin SEO Ultimate] Bug when post has only one tag seo-title-tag defect critical JohnLamansky new 11/09/11
#1505 How can i verify WPtouch API key? verificador defect normal KarlanKas new 04/03/12
#1154 Tinymce textarea elements not editable after their parent meta boxes are moved fabrix-random-images defect normal Khanh new 07/08/10
#2064 Subscribe2 ultimate italian translation language-translator enhancement normal Lancelhoff new 11/28/13
#1544 Unable to Save Streamer Setting when Using CloudFront not-listed defect normal LongTail Video new 06/28/12
#1545 Support CloudFront Streaming When Adding External Media not-listed enhancement normal LongTail Video new 06/28/12
#500 href error mailing-list defect normal MagicG new 11/26/06
#2223 si-form not-listed task normal Mandar Palsokar new 05/30/14
#1576 XSS in Answer-my-question plugin not-listed defect major Matt Kaye new 09/19/12
#2286 SendGrid Mailing List plugin not-listed defect normal Matt Pramschufer new 10/01/14
#1400 Google XML Sitemaps Not Finishing not-listed defect major Mike new 10/05/11
#1622 Plugin does not work in Wordpress 3.5 error-reporting defect blocker Mittineague new 12/12/12
#2534 Getting Undefined Variables from debug log not-listed enhancement normal Muhammad Riduan new 07/26/16
#1708 SVN Commit Fail Steef defect blocker Neeraj Miglani new 04/30/13
#336 2.0 adi-adsense defect normal Oodi new 12/27/05
#363 User input for Reference Production adi-adsense defect normal Oodi new 02/03/06
#1321 Showing the wrong time zone - google-calendar-widget not-listed defect normal Poco new 05/28/11
#214 rummovie Not inserting into post textbox rummovie defect critical RummandDan new 07/11/05
#2233 This plugin is closed and is not visible to the public. not-listed defect normal S M Hasibul Islam new 06/19/14
#592 Tags disappearing after a comment 360voice-bits-plugin defect major Saccia new 02/17/07
#506 shortstats dont work 360voice-bits-plugin defect normal Saccia new 12/04/06
#612 Does not work in Wordpress MU 360voice-bits-plugin enhancement normal Saccia new 03/09/07
#2184 Rebuild Sitemap Not showing after updating Please chek not-listed defect normal Sappi new 04/01/14
#247 Not every UnZip-tool handles gzipped backups correctly wp-db-backup defect minor Scott new 08/15/05
#1630 remove duplicate taxonomies not-listed enhancement normal Scott Daniels new 01/04/13
#439 Localization Widgets widgets defect normal Sewar reopened 07/01/06
#1428 Plugin SVN Issue not-listed defect critical Span new 12/10/11
#1667 PHP notice on line 139 flexi-pages-widget defect normal SriniG new 03/04/13
#497 Make popups of events upcoming-events enhancement normal StarDestroyer new 11/21/06
#498 Colors for different feeds upcoming-events enhancement normal StarDestroyer new 11/21/06
#244 Tags in RSS feeds? bunny-tags defect normal Steph assigned 08/11/05
#2636 Showeblogin Facebook Page Plugin not-listed defect minor SureshPrasad new 07/18/17
#1561 WP3..4.1 DL/D PLUGIN N DELETED IT SCRIPT NOT WORKING ADMIN wp-admin-switcher defect blocker THEMOJU.COM new 08/06/12
#2193 Easy Photo Album: Preview button doesn't work always not-listed defect minor TV productions new 04/17/14
#2235 Easy Photo Album: Exerpt view of album (via shortcode) is not fully customisable. not-listed defect major TV productions new 06/20/14
#2171 Easy Photo Album: Add album pagination not-listed enhancement minor TV productions assigned 03/02/14
#2211 Easy Photo Album: Download image link under lightbox. not-listed enhancement minor TV productions new 05/02/14
#2231 Easy Photo Album: Click on photo opens full album in archive. not-listed enhancement minor TV productions new 06/16/14
#2245 Easy Photo Album: modular album presentation not-listed enhancement minor TV productions new 07/21/14
#2173 Easy Photo Album: More robust album save mechanism. not-listed enhancement normal TV productions assigned 03/17/14
#2574 sitemap.xml hatası not-listed defect normal Takvim Yaprakları new 01/24/17
#2575 sitemap.xml hatası pageview defect normal Takvim Yaprakları new 01/24/17
#211 postlocation -->Do not work ... Fatal Error post-location defect critical VILLAS new 07/06/05
#1336 Not formatting, when Simple Facebook Connect - Base is active syntaxhighlighter defect blocker Viper007Bond new 06/22/11
#1407 Sub-menu items comingled with non-related menu items not-listed defect normal Viper007Bond new 10/27/11
#1416 Enable JS API Config for Viper's Video Quicktags vipers-video-quicktags enhancement normal Viper007Bond new 11/19/11
#1607 There is a Stored XSS flaw in the Title text box box while creating a POST not-listed defect critical Wordpress new 11/10/12
#1606 There is a reflective XSS flaw in the Title text box box while creating a POST not-listed defect normal Wordpress new 11/10/12
#1496 More Flexible JS/CSS enqueue paths yet-another-advanced-paged-navigation enhancement normal YaaL new 03/20/12
#1461 Added hebrew support + lang files.. not-listed defect normal Yakir Sitbon new 01/15/12
#1231 LiveJournal Importer mishandles some <lj-cut> and <lj user=""> expressions livejournal-comments defect normal a-bishop new 11/09/10
#968 Use wp_enqueue_script to load scriptaculous-effects flexi-pages-widget enhancement normal acurran new 03/30/09
#1567 Show bar after page reload if before it was opened debug-bar enhancement normal adisos new 08/21/12
#1761 Update to utilize WP_Widget collapsible-archive-widget defect normal adywarna new 05/30/13
#1532 Revision truncate activate/deactivate hooks not-listed defect normal ajalapus new 06/05/12
#1069 update theme wordpress-mobile-edition enhancement normal aking new 01/18/10
#1243 Uses 'user levels' instaed of 'roles and capabilities' wordpress-mobile-edition defect normal aking new 12/01/10
#1191 Spanish translation twitter-tools enhancement normal alexkingorg new 08/26/10
#730 [PATCH] Fix for broken category query in WP 2.3.x articles defect critical alexkingorg new 01/07/08
#807 DB table ak_404_log isn't defined. 404-notifier defect major alexkingorg new 04/10/08
#452 Popularity Contest doesn't play nice with WPHPBB. popularity-contest defect normal alexkingorg new 07/31/06
#585 Limit scope of 'the_content' filter? share-this enhancement normal alexkingorg new 02/13/07
#685 Remove dependancy on Prototype.js (patch) share-this enhancement normal alexkingorg new 09/08/07
#686 Add Gzip support to Share This css, js and form page share-this enhancement normal alexkingorg new 09/08/07
#1205 [PATCH] Comment License process shortcodes [feature request] comment-license enhancement normal alexkingorg new 09/09/10
#1179 [PATCH] shutter: escape key and clicking on background close display nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 08/07/10
#1331 error during upload but without visible consequences nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 06/09/11
#1409 generating gallery in ALO EasyMail Newsletter - miss nggRewrite in nggShowGallery() nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 11/01/11
#1425 Hooks 'ngg_delete_gallery' and 'ngg_delete_picture' run too late nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1426 Filter 'ngg_pre_add_new_image' applied twice nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1427 Missing hook when deleting images via bulk actions nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1471 Apply watermark has no effect although preview works when given relative path nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 02/03/12
#1550 [Patch] Natural presorting nextgen-gallery enhancement normal alexrabe new 07/06/12
#1614 PHP 5.4 Warning: Creating default object from empty value nggfunctions.php line 553 nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 11/29/12
#2646 CSV file exports without entry data not-listed defect critical algonzalez new 08/29/17
#1771 Powerpress Added Hooks to Feed Authentication not-listed enhancement normal amandato new 06/08/13
#742 Output is invalid microformat - fn should be inside item hreview-support-for-editor defect normal andrewescott new 01/20/08
#743 Add support for dtreviewed, reviewer and license hreview-support-for-editor enhancement minor andrewescott new 01/20/08
#888 Like to have the ability to merge site stats and/or delete duplicate sites stats enhancement major andy new 07/18/08
#1183 Update the screenshots ! stats enhancement minor andy new 08/10/10
#806 WordPress stats pulling out a strange page title stats defect normal andy new 04/08/08
#2415 Right place yeah: To Arne Brachhold not-listed defect critical arne brachhold new 07/24/15
#2405 No sitemap.xml generated google-sitemap-generator defect critical arnee new 06/07/15
#2183 Sitemap not generated not-listed defect normal arnee new 04/01/14
#2328 Google XML sitemap generator cannot apply update 4.0.8 not can I delete the plugin google-sitemap-generator defect major arnee new 12/04/14
#2516 The save button moves when you try to click on it. google-sitemap-generator task major arnee new 06/12/16
#2568 There was a problem while notifying Bing google-sitemap-generator defect normal arnee new 01/09/17
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