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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Type Severity Owner Status Created
#2644 Wordpress Importer doesn't support latest Wordpress: wp_get_http not-listed defect normal new 08/09/17
#2618 Typing Language not working with WP 4.7.5 not-listed defect trivial dileep1984 new 05/28/17
#333 sub-domains are not detected favatars defect blocker chuyskywalker new 12/21/05
#852 broken get_posts on homepage when static front page is set gengo defect blocker pixline new 05/06/08
#1134 WordPress 3.0 cache-images defect blocker matt new 06/18/10
#1708 SVN Commit Fail Steef defect blocker Neeraj Miglani new 04/30/13
#2476 Invalid array creation/usage not-listed defect blocker new 02/03/16
#449 After installation - blank page wp-contact-form defect critical ryanduff new 07/13/06
#479 Does not seem to be sending any emails wp-contact-form defect critical ryanduff new 09/27/06
#730 [PATCH] Fix for broken category query in WP 2.3.x articles defect critical alexkingorg new 01/07/08
#1238 wpDirAuth conflicts with TDO Mini Forms login-widget defect critical ldetomasi new 11/16/10
#1300 Fix for paypal-pro.merchant.php to include coupons and correct tax amount wp-e-commerce defect critical jfacemyer new 04/22/11
#1305 Localization of Currency Symbols to Database wp-e-commerce task critical mufasa new 05/05/11
#1306 Redirection plugin prevents internal redirection from working redirection defect critical theMikeD new 05/05/11
#1325 Sharedaddy "Only show once" makes not showing icons sharedaddy defect critical johnny5 new 06/06/11
#1364 flush_rewrite conflicts with any plugins or themes not-listed defect critical new 08/09/11
#1415 [Plugin SEO Ultimate] Bug when post has only one tag seo-title-tag defect critical JohnLamansky new 11/09/11
#1488 XSS issue with plugin "Grou Random Image" random-image-selector defect critical kdmurray new 03/08/12
#1575 Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference not-listed defect critical new 09/12/12
#1585 Network id is not set when adding the content_scheduler action hook not-listed defect critical new 10/10/12
#1608 Stored XSS Flaw in Description Box in the Media tab not-listed defect critical new 11/14/12
#1639 Multiple SQL injection in wordpress poll not-listed defect critical Cardoza Vinoj new 01/17/13
#1718 bbpress bug with twenty twelve theme bad-behavior defect critical error new 05/09/13
#2163 share-social: PHP notice with non existent variable in the template (tiny_buttons). not-listed defect critical new 02/17/14
#2221 [PLUGIN: restrict-author-posting] Fix to disallow non-administrators to change or remove restriction on own profile page not-listed defect critical new 05/25/14
#2255 Tawea Facebook Chat Plugin. Bought & Paid for. Worked less than 2 weeks not-listed defect critical Elliscooper29 new 08/25/14
#2266 Request to remove plugin and its all revisions not-listed task critical new 09/04/14
#2267 OperationalError: database is locked not-listed defect critical new 09/04/14
#2402 doesn't seem to update the changes.. not-listed defect critical new 06/01/15
#2469 PATCH: Category exclude not working at all not-listed defect critical new 12/30/15
#2563 website is showing a 500 error code due to aws plugin not-listed defect critical new 12/09/16
#2591 Unable to activate plugin right after installation. not-listed defect critical aubreypwd new 02/12/17
#2611 Undefined property: Wp_Custom_Register_Login_Loader::$shortcodes not-listed defect critical new 04/25/17
#335 Mail delivery failed wp-contact-form defect major ryanduff new 12/26/05
#348 Paged Comment Editing : Comment Counter related. paged-comment-editing defect major coldforged new 01/12/06
#372 Getting Spam throug wp-contactform wp-contact-form defect major ryanduff new 02/15/06
#375 Photopress: Insert button doesn't work on IE/WP2 (v0.9.2) - bug in ppInsertAtCursor photopress defect major isaacwedin new 02/22/06
#547 Unicode characters not being captured properly lumberjack defect major ketsugi new 01/28/07
#575 Geo Plugin - Fields in Post.php not showing up and blocking rest geo defect major ringmaster new 02/10/07
#655 Authors lose their lang attribute on pre tags. wp-syntax defect major rmm5t new 05/15/07
#680 Prepare wpDirAuth for 1.0 release wpdirauth task major stephdau assigned 08/29/07
#725 Fix inactive submenus (especially on drafts) wp-admin-bar defect major factoryjoe new 11/30/07
#745 Double URL encoding of email address in link to subscription manager subscribe-to-comments defect major markjaquith new 01/24/08
#807 DB table ak_404_log isn't defined. 404-notifier defect major alexkingorg new 04/10/08
#872 Conflict with Viper's Video Quicktags plugin gengo defect major pixline assigned 06/17/08
#1055 podpress 8.8.2 : fix for wrong itunes tags in the rss feed podpress defect major seek3r new 01/03/10
#1127 Proxy IP authentication / multiple vote issue with WP-PostRatings wp-postratings defect major GamerZ new 06/14/10
#1144 Fix disable tag/cats boxes so they don't freeze browsers yet-another-related-posts-plugin defect major mitchoyoshitaka new 07/04/10
#1301 Custom fields unavailable in follow-up autoresponder e-mails not-listed defect major rajasekharan new 04/29/11
#1302 Problem with download download-monitor defect major jolley_small new 05/02/11
#1356 WP Multi-Network Broken not-listed defect major BrianLayman new 07/30/11
#1357 JS injection vulnerability in gt-tabs not-listed defect major Diomenas new 08/01/11
#1400 Google XML Sitemaps Not Finishing not-listed defect major Mike new 10/05/11
#1410 MCEComments and Tango Smileys Extended not-listed defect major whesleymccabe new 11/01/11
#1479 Differentiation of labels and values using the pipe is broken contact-form-7 defect major takayukister reopened 02/20/12
#1564 Modules exports cannot work redirection defect major johnny5 new 08/14/12
#1576 XSS in Answer-my-question plugin not-listed defect major Matt Kaye new 09/19/12
#1588 Sql injection vulnerability not-listed defect major vinoj.cardoza new 10/12/12
#1656 You need to globalize $table_prefix not-listed defect major new 02/12/13
#1674 Fixed notices of undefined offset wp-postratings defect major GamerZ new 03/13/13
#1721 /wp-admin/ shows blank screen not-listed defect major new 05/11/13
#2024 SQL Injection in download-manager.php not-listed defect major new 10/31/13
#2074 fix Multisite not-listed defect major new 12/10/13
#2240 WP-Cron race condition ends up wiping some and bringing back other (finished) items wp-cron defect major skippy new 07/11/14
#2258 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted not-listed task major new 08/26/14
#2262 HTTPS sites breakache not-listed defect major new 09/03/14
#2289 getting 403 error message I commit my latest plugin (DigitSix Simple Contact Form) not-listed enhancement major new 10/05/14
#2297 jetpack facebook page twice not-listed defect major new 10/08/14
#2314 No more credentials or we tried too many times. not-listed defect major new 11/11/14
#2328 Google XML sitemap generator cannot apply update 4.0.8 not can I delete the plugin google-sitemap-generator defect major arnee new 12/04/14
#2341 Twenty Thirteen - Unable to choose images to gallery widget not-listed defect major new 12/24/14
#2350 img tag is missing alt attribute not-listed defect major new 01/14/15
#2353 Page order attribute not working not-listed defect major new 01/21/15
#2381 Exports directory not working when exporting after 0.6.4 updates -- CANNOT DOWNLOAD REPORTS not-listed defect major sc0ttkclark new 04/09/15
#2450 No commit message on public page not-listed defect major new 10/23/15
#2508 Incorrect ABSPATH usage in current released version not-listed defect major new 05/25/16
#2509 Incorrect ABSPATH usage in current released version not-listed defect major new 05/25/16
#2516 The save button moves when you try to click on it. google-sitemap-generator task major arnee new 06/12/16
#2570 Last two versions broke conditional logic in form not-listed defect major new 01/18/17
#2576 Plugin says rejected not-listed defect major itcoderr new 01/26/17
#2593 Unable to upload to SVN repository not-listed defect major new 02/24/17
#2614 fonts for admin-custom-login are loaded from Google using hard-coded HTTP schema, breaks serving over HTTPS not-listed defect major new 05/21/17
#2632 Please Add Breadcrumb in Wocommerce. I Have added it manually not-listed enhancement major new 07/08/17
#2633 MX States Update and fix i18n/states WooCommerce not-listed defect major new 07/10/17
#2639 Errors with version 4.7.5 not-listed defect major new 07/26/17
#2649 visual-form-builder: Fix for "Random entries not being saved" not-listed defect major mmuro new 09/06/17
#2678 Removed from wordpress.org?? Wp affiliate manager not-listed defect major new 12/28/17
#2193 Easy Photo Album: Preview button doesn't work always not-listed defect minor TV productions new 04/17/14
#2400 Maintain environment relative links on sync not-listed enhancement minor tamlyn assigned 05/27/15
#177 If the loop is modified in a template before the tag blob is shown it all goes wrong technorati-tagging defect normal boneill new 05/31/05
#215 Add GZIP support wp-cache enhancement normal gallir new 07/13/05
#223 For tag pages, need to hook into the WP_query ultimate-tag-warrior defect normal christined assigned 07/19/05
#332 captcha support to stop spam bots wp-contact-form enhancement normal ryanduff new 12/20/05
#337 email not sending, no error wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 12/29/05
#347 Open in New window ? bunny-tags defect normal steph new 01/11/06
#370 Drop Down in Firefox Does Not Populate Fields geo defect normal ringmaster new 02/13/06
#412 URI of blog isn't correctly implemented dunstan-error-page defect normal fergbrain assigned 04/30/06
#459 jump to calculated page for any requested comment paged-comments enhancement normal keyvan assigned 08/13/06
#467 leading paragraph mts-per-post defect normal chuyskywalker new 08/23/06
#489 Changing Language to plugin, Spanish, just the "Your E-mail" stuff wp-contact-form defect normal ryanduff new 10/20/06
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