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Ticket Summary Plugin Version Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1222 Activation warning shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 10/06/10
#1226 Countdown Timer - Incorrect plural displayd countdown-timer defect normal fergbrain new 10/12/10
#1229 Improvements to Opengraph 1-bit-audio-player defect normal markwheeler new 10/23/10
#1230 Fix for JS files wp-e-commerce defect normal zx0 new 11/06/10
#1231 LiveJournal Importer mishandles some <lj-cut> and <lj user=""> expressions livejournal-comments defect normal a-bishop new 11/09/10
#1233 object-cache.php needs empty wp_cache_reset() method members-only defect normal hami new 11/09/10
#1237 Serbian translation of Sharedaddy sharedaddy enhancement normal johnny5 reopened 11/14/10
#1242 rss importer: imported posts always have "admin" as author rss-import defect normal Bueltge new 11/30/10
#1243 Uses 'user levels' instaed of 'roles and capabilities' wordpress-mobile-edition defect normal aking new 12/01/10
#1252 Rechecking the queue times out akismet defect normal matt new 12/17/10
#1253 Use wp_mail() instead of mail() wp-dbmanager defect normal GamerZ new 12/21/10
#1254 Akismet Sends New Comment Email Containg Spam, Nothing In Pending Queue akismet defect normal matt new 12/22/10
#1255 database continues flushing cache 1-bit-audio-player defect normal fredericktownes new 12/23/10
#1261 RTL fixes for Akismet akismet defect normal matt new 12/30/10
#1264 Minor tweaks for snack-bar 1-bit-audio-player enhancement normal markwheeler new 01/11/11
#1267 test mdawaffe-test3 defect normal mdawaffe new 01/14/11
#1270 [PATCH] Added support for tracking widgets & other small fixes audit-trail enhancement normal johnny5 new 01/20/11
#1271 Add support for custom post types not-listed enhancement normal new 01/24/11
#1278 Dutch Language fixes countdown-timer defect normal fergbrain new 02/21/11
#1281 Author mapping not sanitized import-wodpress-1x defect normal duck_ new 03/02/11
#1282 Plugin description not-listed defect normal ownyourblog new 03/02/11
#1283 Magic fields write panel menu's overwrite other menu's not-listed defect normal new 03/03/11
#1284 [limit-blogs-per-user] Minor bug in bpdev_is_user_blog_admin function not-listed defect normal write2brajesh new 03/04/11
#1285 Function Name Collision wp-filemanager defect normal JohannesRies new 03/07/11
#1287 Patch supporting moving Required plugin fields not-listed enhancement normal new 03/09/11
#1289 Duplicate INSERT commands for auto draft records wp-db-backup defect normal skippy new 03/11/11
#1293 Method get_poll with way to get poll_id wp-polls enhancement normal GamerZ new 04/05/11
#1298 Adding Page support for Markdown-on-Save not-listed defect normal new 04/12/11
#1299 Scalability enhancement for wp-postviews (dedicated SQL table) wp-postviews enhancement normal gamerz new 04/15/11
#1303 spanish translate for pagebar not-listed enhancement normal new 05/02/11
#1304 Localisation / Internationalization phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal linickx new 05/04/11
#1307 Grunion Contact Form: multiple contact forms grunion-contact-form enhancement normal josephscott new 05/06/11
#1308 Add Site Speed Tracking google-analytics-for-wordpress enhancement normal joostdevalk new 05/06/11
#1311 Plugin: Share a Draft - German Translation for Version 1.3 not-listed defect normal new 05/10/11
#1312 really_static_download doesn't work if server has mod_security not-listed defect normal eriksef new 05/14/11
#1313 Database structure: Get "duplicate entry for key 2" when importing wp_shrimptest_visitors shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 05/16/11
#1314 Creating new user using Add DIr Auth User Fails not-listed defect normal new 05/16/11
#1317 OperationalError: database is locked not-listed defect normal new 05/20/11
#1319 javascript errors in Internet Explorer due to use of trim() not-listed defect normal new 05/25/11
#1321 Showing the wrong time zone - google-calendar-widget not-listed defect normal Poco new 05/28/11
#1322 Wordpress can't create folder when you try to update. Askapache-password-protect askapache-password-protect defect normal cduke250 new 05/31/11
#1324 Deprecated capability used not-listed defect normal bitinn new 06/02/11
#1329 Highligt regexp error when using forward slash search-unleashed defect normal johnny5 new 06/09/11
#1330 Error in numeric search keywords search-unleashed defect normal johnny5 new 06/09/11
#1331 error during upload but without visible consequences nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 06/09/11
#1334 Sharedaddy post types support sharedaddy defect normal johnny5 new 06/12/11
#1337 Add upload mechanism for thumbnail not-listed enhancement normal new 06/22/11
#1338 our plugin is missing from the plugin directory now not-listed defect normal daddydesign@… new 06/23/11
#1346 Compatibility with qTranslate: multiple languages wp-footnotes enhancement normal drzax new 07/07/11
#1348 Google +1 add for ShareDaddy sharedaddy enhancement normal johnny5 new 07/10/11
#1352 Feature to edit the text "Follow Me on the Web!" not-listed enhancement normal new 07/20/11
#1360 Visual editor buttons disappear shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 08/03/11
#1361 In the experiments overview, total visitors shows as zero until the experiment stops shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 08/03/11
#1362 New or exisiting pages cannot be added to menus, and new menu's do not appear using WP 3.2.1 (IIS version) widgets defect normal ted_smith new 08/06/11
#1363 SimpleMap preview doesn't work with default wordpress template not-listed defect normal new 08/08/11
#1367 Bad formating when the post format is Gallery sharedaddy defect normal johnny5 new 08/11/11
#1372 Test Ticket for Events Calendar not-listed defect normal new 08/18/11
#1373 Small patch for local-storage-back-up not-listed defect normal new 08/21/11
#1374 Grunion Should Delete Old Spam Items not-listed enhancement normal josephscott new 08/24/11
#1376 Update French translation to add-to-any plugins not-listed enhancement normal new 08/29/11
#1379 Spelling fixes - Theme Check not-listed defect normal pross new 09/10/11
#1381 geshi gives an undefined index warning wp-syntax defect normal rmm5t new 09/14/11
#1382 display loading and error messages in spans with classes so they can be styled ajax-comment-preview enhancement normal mdawaffe new 09/15/11
#1385 Add the_title() and the_content() checks - Theme Check not-listed enhancement normal pross new 09/18/11
#1386 Simple Paypal Donate: Form values should be sanitize not-listed defect normal new 09/20/11
#1388 closing an announcement on the page not registered in session not-listed defect normal kstover new 09/22/11
#1390 JavaScript error on pages that don't have submit button (WP-reCAPTCHA) not-listed defect normal new 09/22/11
#1391 Support for phpBB SEO mod phpbb-recent-topics enhancement normal linickx new 09/25/11
#1393 Comment metadata wastes space not-listed defect normal new 09/26/11
#1394 Hard coded string "Please select" in variations.class.php wp-e-commerce defect normal mufasa new 09/28/11
#1395 sitemap taxonomy permalinks not-listed defect normal new 09/28/11
#1396 [Memcached Object Cache] Enable using $blog_id as $table_prefix without requiring site to be ran as multisite not-listed defect normal new 09/30/11
#1399 Persist tabs between page refreshes debug-bar enhancement normal new 10/03/11
#1403 Wordpress Importer fails after first import not-listed defect normal new 10/18/11
#1404 Tweetmeme Broken with Custom Plugin Dir Location not-listed defect normal new 10/19/11
#1406 [Plugin: WordPress MU Domain Mapping] Warnings when in WordPress debug mode (code patch) not-listed defect normal wpmuguru new 10/21/11
#1407 Sub-menu items comingled with non-related menu items not-listed defect normal Viper007Bond new 10/27/11
#1409 generating gallery in ALO EasyMail Newsletter - miss nggRewrite in nggShowGallery() nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 11/01/11
#1414 [WordChimp] No data populated when inserting posts into template field not-listed defect normal hudsonfoo new 11/03/11
#1416 Enable JS API Config for Viper's Video Quicktags vipers-video-quicktags enhancement normal Viper007Bond new 11/19/11
#1418 Fix log notices from Batcache not-listed defect normal new 11/22/11
#1422 Unicode characters not stripped from URL not-listed defect normal new 11/27/11
#1423 P value is the opposite of what it should be shrimptest defect normal mitchoyoshitaka new 12/01/11
#1425 Hooks 'ngg_delete_gallery' and 'ngg_delete_picture' run too late nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1426 Filter 'ngg_pre_add_new_image' applied twice nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1427 Missing hook when deleting images via bulk actions nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 12/08/11
#1429 Can not remove menu item V3.3 theme Twenty Eleven V1.3 menu-maker defect normal sascha123 new 12/13/11
#1443 Improve Menus UI menu-maker enhancement normal sascha123 new 12/22/11
#1444 Notices for server(s) without ports not-listed defect normal new 12/22/11
#1451 Page Meta warning message on activation - found the problem not-listed defect normal new 12/28/11
#1459 CSS bug referencing pie.htc not-listed defect normal new 01/13/12
#1460 impossible to moderate comment in custom post comment-text defect normal chrisjdavis new 01/13/12
#1461 Added hebrew support + lang files.. not-listed defect normal Yakir Sitbon new 01/15/12
#1466 Get rid of all 'undefined variable' and 'undefined index' warnings not-listed defect normal new 01/23/12
#1468 pmc-lockdown: use site_url() in wp_redirect() call not-listed defect normal pmcdotcom new 01/31/12
#1471 Apply watermark has no effect although preview works when given relative path nextgen-gallery defect normal alexrabe new 02/03/12
#1472 [ Custom post widget ] Add WPML Support not-listed enhancement normal vanderwijk new 02/03/12
#1474 pmc-lockdown: Add maintenance message above login form not-listed enhancement normal pmcdotcom new 02/04/12
#1475 Grunion: Apply a filter to the contact form success message not-listed defect normal danielbachhuber new 02/06/12
#1476 Imported files do not show correct Last Edited Date not-listed defect normal new 02/09/12
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