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[700839] by westi on 2013-04-20 19:05:34
wp-contact-form: Release v1.6
[700838] by westi on 2013-04-20 19:04:29
wp-contact-from: Tag v1.6
[700837] by westi on 2013-04-20 18:58:05
wp-contact-form: Prepare for the release of v 1.6
[700834] by westi on 2013-04-20 18:53:41
wp-contactform: Make sure that the admin page submits to the right place to complete the 2 year old rewrite.

Open Tickets

Ticket Summary Type Reporter Priority Severity Modified
#330 Form doesn't show if Adsense-Deluxe plugin is installed defect sgrayban highest blocker 12/03/15
#1135 wp-contact-form posts unreadable emails in greek defect axaros normal normal 06/21/10
#491 wp contact form defect DeeDeeWarren normal normal 11/01/06
#489 Changing Language to plugin, Spanish, just the "Your E-mail" stuff defect TheSheriff high normal 10/20/06
#486 No Form Is There? defect moieu highest critical 10/13/06
#485 feature request for plugin defect johnnyroyale normal normal 10/09/06
#483 form layout problem in IE defect bobathia normal normal 10/05/06
#481 wp-contact form adding duplicate css in header defect willibrown normal minor 10/02/06
#479 Does not seem to be sending any emails defect cleopatrascorpse high critical 09/27/06
#475 Throwing other posts out of whack defect tfleming highest critical 09/18/06
#474 Admin Link Returns 404 defect 2notch@… normal major 09/17/06
#470 Must have missed something, no form joy (Safari bug?) defect RobLeachman lowest trivial 09/07/06
#469 The e-mail which are sent, aren't delivered defect finnurtg normal normal 09/03/06
#464 use on 404.php defect pmtate normal normal 08/22/06
#462 Use Akismet for spam detection? enhancement fil normal normal 08/17/06
#401 Speed enhancement enhancement mastermind low normal 08/12/06
#456 contact form plug-in not working defect reeay normal normal 08/12/06
#455 wpcf_message should probably be wpcf_msg defect vickiediablo lowest trivial 08/11/06
#372 Getting Spam throug wp-contactform defect berry24 high major 07/27/06
#450 Problem with wp-contact form and wp-PHPmailer defect palmdoc@… normal normal 07/24/06
#449 After installation - blank page defect IndianGuru high critical 07/13/06
#443 Contact Form CSS defect basketball low trivial 07/05/06
#440 Feature Request enhancement mlanger low normal 07/02/06
#438 Removing "your website" defect emondai@… normal normal 06/30/06
#435 if required fields are not filled in... defect aginvestor@… normal normal 06/21/06
#434 Customizing contact form style defect sarbogast normal normal 06/18/06
#433 conflict with editormonkey's TinyMCE defect emge normal normal 06/18/06
#426 contact form is having troble with hebrew (in header and user name) defect talgalili normal normal 06/12/06
#342 Plugin for WP 2.0 Doesnt Seem To Work defect TonyCai highest critical 05/31/06
#417 Not showing senders e-mail adress defect Tubaplayer highest critical 05/10/06
#416 Contact form will not show up. defect liquidgenius normal normal 05/03/06
#413 sending email parameters defect burolla normal normal 05/01/06
#410 development request for simple email form defect bigboss normal normal 04/28/06
#409 Bug with WP-ContactForm 1.4.3 defect mwbarker normal normal 04/24/06
#407 I am looking for a way to add a contact form, that doesnt require the user to enter in an email, or name. defect silencematters normal normal 04/20/06
#300 form does not send emails defect caveforce normal normal 04/02/06
#389 Unable to fill in form fields in 2.0.3 defect domross normal normal 03/16/06
#384 Submit end up in The page can not be displayed defect antikat normal normal 03/11/06
#378 Contact Form for Wordpress 2.0 does not work defect jaredcunha@… normal normal 03/03/06
#380 Empty space below contact form defect tylkum normal normal 03/02/06
#368 WP-Contact- Form hiding text in IE defect actionberg normal normal 02/09/06
#366 documentation on externalizing css enhancement slambert normal normal 02/09/06
#357 Mail Subject to change for each use defect sadish normal normal 01/20/06
#351 Problem with "include buttonsnap.php" defect haykelbj normal normal 01/16/06
#350 Feature request and question defect wescar normal normal 01/14/06
#345 installation problem with contact forum plug in defect kayjay normal normal 01/10/06
#337 email not sending, no error defect bloom high normal 01/10/06
#332 captcha support to stop spam bots enhancement sgrayban high normal 01/07/06
#338 Contact Form Button Image defect Doctor normal normal 12/30/05
#335 Mail delivery failed defect kennygunie high major 12/27/05
#327 Multiple Contacts Pulldown enhancement brianlees normal normal 12/06/05
#325 Using WP-ContactForm with Rin theme causes IE to crash defect Manzabar normal normal 12/05/05
#320 Netscape Bug? defect syrupcore normal normal 11/29/05
#318 Form action looses the post id defect onlds normal major 11/28/05
#297 use in conjunction with wpPHPmailer defect slamp normal normal 10/30/05
#229 Additional options enhancement abbaanthony normal normal 10/06/05
#284 IP field in email returns defect sobaboy low minor 10/03/05
#282 Possible CSS enhancements enhancement NuclearMoose normal normal 09/29/05
#279 Hook form into Spam Karma 2 enhancement chiieddy normal normal 09/26/05
#230 New WP Contact options breaks page layouts defect HardinComp normal normal 07/27/05
#222 conflicts with plugin PreFormatted. defect jetshack normal normal 07/18/05
#216 Allow Subject enhancement MtDewVirus low normal 07/13/05
#166 Doesn't work with themes not including a page.php template. defect robot normal normal 05/23/05
#119 Multiuser support enhancement mdawaffe normal normal 03/23/05
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