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04/18/14 03:12:13 (4 years ago)
  • Changed the way avatar names are selected: now it's by object key, not avatar name (to allow avatars on OpenSim grids to be tracked)
  • Because 1.3.7 didn't fix the deletion error, new code was developed using the above changes; this might invalidate previous versions! (Because objects are now tracked by object key and not avatar name, previous settings might have invalid data)
  • Avatar profile pictures do not use align=XXX tags but instead the class gets aligncenter, alignleft, alignright for consistency with WP, current themes, and recent CSS versions
  • When selecting an avatar name on the Widget, it displays region and position (to allow avatars with the same name in different grids to be easily selected)
  • Added *objectkey* option for the shortcode (to deal with avatars with the same name in different grids)
  • Added fancy banner
  • Added a few extra translations (they only appeared on in-world HTTP-in responses, not on WP)
  • Confirmed compatibility with WP 3.9
  • Users upgrading directly from 1.0 (or earlier versions) should now manually delete the *channel.inc* file under *wp-content/uploads*
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