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    44Tags: e-commerce, wp-e-commerce, shop, cart, paypal, authorize, stock control, ecommerce, shipping, tax 
    55Requires at least: 3.1 
    6 Tested up to: 3.4.1 
     6Tested up to: 3.4.2 
    77Stable tag: 
    1111== Description == 
    13 We make setting up an ecommerce shop easy, and with over 1.9 Million downloads, we have unparalleled experience. 
     13We make setting up an ecommerce shop easy, and with over 2 Million downloads, we have unparalleled experience. 
    155155After upgrading from earlier versions look for link "Update Store". This will update your database structure to work with new version. 
    158157== Changelog == 
    159158= 3.8.9 = 
    160159* New: Additional columns can now be added to Store Sales page via filter hook. 
     160* New: Additional filters for purchase log notification classes. 
    161161* New: Allow devs to filter the list of accepted credit cards in PayPal Pro. 
    162162* New: Filters to enable image scaling (versus cropping). 
     163* New: Hook to modify the product table on transaction results and purchase receipts. 
     164* New: Make buy now button's html output filterable. 
    163165* New: More flexibility in role management. 
    164166* New: New Hook for cancelling subscriptions with Memebers Access. 
     167* New: Pagination UI for product variations. 
    165168* New: Users can bulk edit products' stock, price, sales price etc. 
    166169* New: Users can now choose to "Notify site owner" and "Unpublish product" separately when stock runs out. 
    168171* New: Users can now set product sorting direction in Settings->Presentation. 
    169172* New: Variation UI enhancements. 
     173* Change: "Registration required" and "Anyone can register" are now synchronized. 
    170174* Change: Default checkout shipping option to lowest shipping cost of all choices. 
     175* Fix: "Variation Controls" anchor in metabox leads nowhere. 
    171176* Fix: AJAX code audit (security) 
     177* Fix: Activating WP e-Commerce on a vanilla WordPress installation with pretty permalinks enabled messes up the rewrite rules. 
     178* Fix: Add a space after tilde character to avoid confusion in admin product list. 
     179* Fix: Add new variation sets and terms from Edit Product page doesn't work properly. 
     180* Fix: Additional description is double escaped in product edit page. 
     181* Fix: Alignment of checkboxes and radios in product category edit page is a bit off. 
    172182* Fix: Avoid using query_posts() which could break themes. 
     183* Fix: Backslashes are sometimes added to UPS and USPS settings. 
    173184* Fix: Base_region option remains set if base country is switched. 
     185* Fix: Billing phone number not accessible via wpsc_merchant::$cart_data. 
     186* Fix: Buy Now feature doesn't properly create and update sales log. 
     187* Fix: Can't add variations on new products. 
    174188* Fix: Can't delete coupon conditions. 
    175189* Fix: Can't order products properly in Products admin page. 
    176190* Fix: Can't upload product category image when adding a new category. 
     191* Fix: Cannot set thumbnail for variations. 
    177192* Fix: Cart item name is not updated when corresponding variation name is changed. 
    178193* Fix: Cart items are not translated for qTranslate. 
     194* Fix: Cart mix up when multisite is enabled. 
    179195* Fix: Category image size metadata are not used properly on templates. 
     196* Fix: Category title is replaced with the first product's title, and pagination does not work correctly on Category page. 
     197* Fix: Changing an order status in Sales Log page incorrectly updates the views and pagination links. 
    180198* Fix: Changing checkout field sort order doesn't work. 
    181199* Fix: Checkout- Parent Product Thumbnail Displayed Instead of Product Variation Thumbnail. 
     200* Fix: Claimed stock cronjob doesn't take into consideration timezone. 
     201* Fix: Collapse product variation sets by default on Manage tab. 
    182202* Fix: Colorbox Gallery doesn't work. 
     203* Fix: Country dropdown lists disregard Target Market option. 
     204* Fix: Coupon is not invalid is displayed even when there's no coupon applied. 
    183205* Fix: Coupon start and expiry date don't take into account local timezone. 
     206* Fix: Currency converter doesn't work for some particular currencies. 
    184207* Fix: Custom fields are missing in purchase log if they have the same name as other fields. 
    185208* Fix: Customers are able able to purchase scheduled but unpublished products. 
    186209* Fix: Database upgrade routines. 
    187210* Fix: Division by zero in product-template.php. 
     211* Fix: Dollar signs are used in flat rate settings regardless of the main currency. 
    188212* Fix: Duplicating a Product doesn't duplicate the images correctly. 
     213* Fix: Email information in "Admin" settings tab is not displayed properly. 
    189214* Fix: Enabling shipping but not selecting any shipping methods causes frustrating unexpected issues. 
     215* Fix: Fatal error in PayPal Pro settings page. 
     216* Fix: Fatal error in checkout page form validation. 
     217* Fix: Fatal error when quick editing products. 
     218* Fix: Fatal error when upgrading from 3.7.x. 
     219* Fix: Final breadcrumb id tag is not W3C Compliant. 
     220* Fix: Free shipping discount is not updated when shipping method is changed. 
     221* Fix: Free shipping doesn't reset individual cart items' shipping amounts when submitted to PayPal. 
    190222* Fix: Free-shipping doesn't work on PayPal Pro if the discount amount > item total. 
    191223* Fix: Google Analytics is now tracking correctly. 
    194226* Fix: Inaccurate dimension calculation in Australia Post. 
    195227* Fix: Incompatibility with $_SESSION. 
     228* Fix: Incorrect i18n in Presentation tab. 
    196229* Fix: Increase gateway timeout settings across the board. 
    197230* Fix: Inefficient pinging when product is updated. 
     231* Fix: Infinite loop on single product page. 
     232* Fix: Infinite loop when using PayPal Pro. 
    198233* Fix: Issue with SSL and Share This URL. 
    199234* Fix: Latest product widget doesn't show image. 
    200235* Fix: Logic error in function wpsc_product_has_stock. 
    201236* Fix: Make it clear that the sidebar widget doesn't include discount. 
     237* Fix: More flexibility in role management. 
     238* Fix: New coupon conditions are added below the first condition instead of the last. 
    202239* Fix: Number of products per page field in shortcode generator doesn't work. 
    203240* Fix: On user details page, switching country to a country without region won't display the State (Region) text field. 
     241* Fix: Only display permalink double save warning if WordPress version is earlier than 3.3. 
     242* Fix: Outdated country codes and currency codes. 
    204243* Fix: Pagination does not work with price range widget. 
    205244* Fix: Pagination for category short codes does not work. 
    207246* Fix: Pagination links generated with unnecessary "page/" portion for WP 3.4. 
    208247* Fix: Pagination links in Category shortcode page are not consistent. 
     248* Fix: Parent product is still treated as if it had variations even though all its variations have been moved to trash or hidden (set to draft). 
     249* Fix: PayPal Express Checkout doesn't take into account free shipping. 
    209250* Fix: PayPal Standard Subscriptions produce unexpected product title in PayPal cart and receipts. 
    210251* Fix: Performance improvement for dynamic stylesheet. 
     252* Fix: Placeholder image is missing for products without thumbnails. 
     253* Fix: Potential height issue with variation edit iframe (parent hidden overflow, expand/collapse checkboxes). 
     254* Fix: Prevent segmentation fault when using wpsc-products shortcode. 
    211255* Fix: Product Specials Widget does not work with product variations on sale. 
    212256* Fix: Product page URLs are sometimes not updated properly. 
     257* Fix: Product permalinks in single product view are not using current category path. 
    213258* Fix: Products page pagination fails if the products page is set as the homepage. 
    214259* Fix: Products with variations on sale does not display the prices correctly. 
    215 * Fix: Purchase logs list table doesn't have Total line as before 3.8.8 
     260* Fix: Purchase logs list table doesn't have Total line as before 3.8.8. 
     261* Fix: Refactor purchase log notifications to fix various issues: 
    216262* Fix: Region field is not consistently updated or displayed when selecting a country without regions on checkout form. 
    217263* Fix: SKU should be sent to PayPal Standard instead of Product ID if that's available. 
     264* Fix: Shipping error is reported when "Shipping same as billing" is selected on the checkout page, even when shipping is disabled. 
    218265* Fix: Shipping location error message is displayed before the customer has a chance to specify state and zip code. 
     266* Fix: Shipping method and option are not displayed on Sales Log single page if there is no shipping form fields. 
    219267* Fix: Shipping options not refreshed when "shipping same as billing" causes new quotes. 
    220268* Fix: Shipping rate choice not correctly encoded during checkout. 
    221269* Fix: Shipwire settings are broken. 
    222270* Fix: Shortcode button doesn't work in visual mode if WP folder configuration is different from default. 
     271* Fix: Table rate shipping doesn't accept $0 amount. 
    223272* Fix: Target makret restrictions for product categories is broken. 
    224273* Fix: Tax bands not working. 
    225274* Fix: Template tags for product tags don't work. 
     275* Fix: Terms & Conditions validation code is broken. 
     276* Fix: Total Price not properly reflective of the total after $1,000. 
    226277* Fix: Transaction results refactor. 
    227278* Fix: Updating purchase log status doesn't update pagination count 
     279* Fix: Unnecessary thumbnail regeneration on product single page. 
     280* Fix: Update message is displayed even when the db has bene updated. 
    228281* Fix: Updating region when "Same shipping as billing" is checked doesn't update the shipping quote. 
     282* Fix: Use $cart_item->get_title() instead of $cart_item->product_name. 
     283* Fix: Use array instead of strings when calling WP_Query in wpsc_the_variation_price. 
    229284* Fix: Users are now warned that setting products per row for grid view to 0 would probably lead to layout breakage. 
    230285* Fix: Using 2 checkout sets shows incorrect order on Purchase History and Your details pages. 
     286* Fix: Valid checkout fields are not preserved when there are invalid fields. 
     287* Fix: Variation drag'n'drop sorting is not working. 
    231288* Fix: Various bugs and inconsistencies with coupon conditions. 
    232289* Fix: WPEC loads product image then scales to thumbnail size in the backend products list. 
    233 * Fix: checkout.class.php E_NOTICE Undefined offset. 
    234 * Fix: i18n audit 
     290* Fix: Weird Taxable Amount column. 
     291* Fix: When "Free Shipping" is enabled in Settings->Shipping, shipping is always set to 0 even when shipping discount value is set to 0 or empty. 
     292* Fix: Wrong alternate row class for variation inline shipping editor. 
     293* Fix: Wrong documentation link for Chronopay. 
     294* Fix: Wrong logic in deprecated function nzshpcrt_currency_display(). 
     295* Fix: _wpsc_process_transaction_coupon() contains typos. 
     296* Fix: also bought image path is supposed to be fixed already. 
     297* Fix: i18n audit. 
     298* Fix: improper escaping in Price metabox. 
     299* Fix: post_status is not formatted correctly in wpsc_start_the_query(). 
    235300* Fix: private products are listed on the /products/ page. 
    236 * Fix: user input escaping and formatting audit 
    237301* Fix: wpsc_list_dir() should return empty array if directory is empty. 
    238302* Fix: wpsc_shopping_cart() function call doesn't work. 
    239 * Fix error message. 
    240 * Fix typo in manual gateway. 
     303* Fix: wpsc_the_product_thumbnail() ignores custom width and height. 
    242305= = 
    279342* New: Actions for bulk actions on sales page: wpsc_sales_log_process_bulk_action, wpsc_sales_log_extra_tablenav 
    280343* New: Allow variation checkboxes to be collapsed & expanded without having to tick the variation set checkbox itself. 
     344* New: Digital Download UI improvement. 
    281345* New: Extra hooks during checkout cart display: wpsc_before_checkout_cart_row, wpsc_before_checkout_cart_item_image, wpsc_after_checkout_cart_item_image, wpsc_before_checkout_cart_item_name, wpsc_after_checkout_cart_item_name, wpsc_after_checkout_cart_row 
    282346* New: Filter for ordering the sales logs: wpsc_purchase_logs_orderby. 
    289353* New: Filter wpsc_shipping_quote_value. 
    290354* New: Filters wpsc_calculate_total_tax, wpsc_coupons_amount. 
     355* New: 4 new filters for user meta in profile page and during checkout.class.php - wpsc_checkout_user_profile_get - wpsc_checkout_user_profile_update - wpsc_user_log_get - wpsc_user_log_update. 
    291356* New: Settings Page API. 
    292357* New: Some helpful filters to download_csv function: wpsc_purchase_log_start_end_csv, wpsc_purchase_log_month_year_csv, wpsc_purchase_log_month_year_csv, wpsc_purchase_log_csv_headers, wpsc_purchas_log_csv_output 
    296361* Change: In General Settings page, when changing country, load region / state list using AJAX instead of page reload. 
    297362* Change: Only display variants' associated terms in Product Edit page rather than including the parent product name, which is redundant and cluttered. 
     363* Change: PayPal Standard settings now just offer dropdown of "live" / "sandbox" rather than URL entry. 
    298364* Change: Subtle UX tweaks for Store Settings page. 
     365* Fix: %-based shipping cost is not working internationally. 
    299366* Fix: $wpsc_query->query_vars['wpsc_product_category'] not always set on product page with hierarchical category permalinks. 
    300367* Fix: Cannot add new Checkout field. 
    301368* Fix: Cannot re-re-send buyer receipt. 
     369* Fix: 3.7 -> 3.8 Database Upgrade Routine causes some products with variations to display a $0.00 price. 
    302370* Fix: Double <p> tag with wpec_taxes_display_tax_bands() on product edit page. 
    303371* Fix: Fatal error when trying to include a non-existent admin file. 
    304372* Fix: Hide Google Feed information from display 
     373* Fix: Incompatibility with Genesis framework in Product Edit page. 
    305374* Fix: Make the WP e-Commerce 3.8.x activation/installation routine much more efficient. 
     375* Fix: Mandatory fields in user_log_functions.php are not properly validated. 
     376* Fix: Memory improvement for productfeed. 
     377* Fix: Purchase logs have incorrect time if a timezone is specified in Settings->General. 
     378* Fix: Summary line does not get updated when sales log status is changed. 
    306379* Fix: Total Quantity check fails for coupon codes. 
    307380* Fix: USPS: "FLATE RATE ENVELOPE" should be changed to "VARIABLE" to allow for shipping quotes to be based on weight. 
    311384* Fix: settings page JS compatibility issue with Firefox. 
    312385* Fix: wpsc_get_template_file_url() function is inefficient and causes 10 extra SQL queries per page load. 
     387= = 
     388* Fix: PHP Warning for 'wpsc_load_settings_page' callback. 
     389* Fix: PHP Warning in wpsc-transaction_results_functions.php. 
     390* Fix: get_current_screen() is not available in WP 3.0. 
     392= = 
     393* New: Default hook to filter sessionid for previously selected payment gateways. 
     394* Change: Stock notification emails are now sent to "purchase log email address" rather than admin address. 
     395* Fix: SQL injection vulnerability. 
     396* Fix: 3.7 -> 3.8 Database Upgrade Routine fails when importing variations sets with the same name. 
     397* Fix: Category link structure is not correct in pagination links with hierarchical category permalink. 
     398* Fix: Fix SQL error when using "?items_per_page=all" query. 
     399* Fix: Missing "Use as product thumbnail" on WordPress 3.3. 
     400* Fix: Products Page does not support custom page template - uses page.php instead. 
     401* Fix: Products page, category items per page is broken, relies on 'posts per page' setting in Settings -> reading. 
     402* Fix: Sticky post view broken due to deprecated query_string filter. 
     403* Fix: Sub-pages of Products Page aren't supported. 
     404* Fix: Total Quantity check for coupons. 
     405* Fix: Use ->add_help_tab() to support WP 3.3 admin screen API. 
     406* Fix: [wpsc_products] shortcode does not use 'Sort Product By' setting - it defaults to date-based ordering. 
     407* Fix: dashboard.css is loaded for WordPress > 3.3 (404 error). 
    314409= = 
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