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  • wp-e-commerce/branches/branch-3.8/readme.txt

    r586529 r610735  
    155155After upgrading from earlier versions look for link "Update Store". This will update your database structure to work with new version. 
    158157== Changelog == 
    159158= 3.8.9 = 
    163162* New: More flexibility in role management. 
    164163* New: New Hook for cancelling subscriptions with Memebers Access. 
     164* New: Pagination UI for product variations. 
    165165* New: Users can bulk edit products' stock, price, sales price etc. 
    166166* New: Users can now choose to "Notify site owner" and "Unpublish product" separately when stock runs out. 
    168168* New: Users can now set product sorting direction in Settings->Presentation. 
    169169* New: Variation UI enhancements. 
     170* Change: "Registration required" and "Anyone can register" are now synchronized. 
    170171* Change: Default checkout shipping option to lowest shipping cost of all choices. 
    171172* Fix: AJAX code audit (security) 
     173* Fix: Activating WP e-Commerce on a vanilla WordPress installation with pretty permalinks enabled messes up the rewrite rules. 
    172174* Fix: Avoid using query_posts() which could break themes. 
    173175* Fix: Base_region option remains set if base country is switched. 
     176* Fix: Can't add variations on new products. 
    174177* Fix: Can't delete coupon conditions. 
    175178* Fix: Can't order products properly in Products admin page. 
    177180* Fix: Cart item name is not updated when corresponding variation name is changed. 
    178181* Fix: Cart items are not translated for qTranslate. 
     182* Fix: Cart mix up when multisite is enabled. 
    179183* Fix: Category image size metadata are not used properly on templates. 
     184* Fix: Changing an order status in Sales Log page incorrectly updates the views and pagination links. 
    180185* Fix: Changing checkout field sort order doesn't work. 
    181186* Fix: Checkout- Parent Product Thumbnail Displayed Instead of Product Variation Thumbnail. 
     187* Fix: Claimed stock cronjob doesn't take into consideration timezone. 
     188* Fix: Collapse product variation sets by default on Manage tab. 
    182189* Fix: Colorbox Gallery doesn't work. 
    183190* Fix: Coupon start and expiry date don't take into account local timezone. 
    186193* Fix: Database upgrade routines. 
    187194* Fix: Division by zero in product-template.php. 
     195* Fix: Dollar signs are used in flat rate settings regardless of the main currency. 
    188196* Fix: Duplicating a Product doesn't duplicate the images correctly. 
    189197* Fix: Enabling shipping but not selecting any shipping methods causes frustrating unexpected issues. 
     198* Fix: Fatal error when quick editing products. 
     199* Fix: Fatal error when upgrading from 3.7.x. 
     200* Fix: Free shipping doesn't reset individual cart items' shipping amounts when submitted to PayPal. 
    190201* Fix: Free-shipping doesn't work on PayPal Pro if the discount amount > item total. 
    191202* Fix: Google Analytics is now tracking correctly. 
    202213* Fix: Number of products per page field in shortcode generator doesn't work. 
    203214* Fix: On user details page, switching country to a country without region won't display the State (Region) text field. 
     215* Fix: Only display permalink double save warning if WordPress version is earlier than 3.3. 
     216* Fix: Outdated country codes and currency codes. 
    204217* Fix: Pagination does not work with price range widget. 
    205218* Fix: Pagination for category short codes does not work. 
    221234* Fix: Shipwire settings are broken. 
    222235* Fix: Shortcode button doesn't work in visual mode if WP folder configuration is different from default. 
     236* Fix: Table rate shipping doesn't accept $0 amount. 
    223237* Fix: Target makret restrictions for product categories is broken. 
    224238* Fix: Tax bands not working. 
  • wp-e-commerce/branches/branch-3.8/wp-shopping-cart.php

    r610712 r610735  
    44  * Plugin URI: http://getshopped.org/ 
    55  * Description: A plugin that provides a WordPress Shopping Cart. See also: <a href="http://getshopped.org" target="_blank">GetShopped.org</a> | <a href="http://getshopped.org/forums/" target="_blank">Support Forum</a> | <a href="http://docs.getshopped.org/" target="_blank">Documentation</a> 
    6   * Version: 3.8.9-beta 
     6  * Version: 3.8.9-rc1 
    77  * Author: Instinct Entertainment 
    88  * Author URI: http://getshopped.org/ 
  • wp-e-commerce/branches/branch-3.8/wpsc-core/wpsc-constants.php

    r610732 r610735  
    3131        define( 'WPSC_URL',       plugins_url( '', __FILE__ ) ); 
    3232    // Define Plugin version 
    33     define( 'WPSC_VERSION', '3.8.9-beta' ); 
     33    define( 'WPSC_VERSION', '3.8.9-rc1' ); 
    3434    define( 'WPSC_MINOR_VERSION', '571548' ); 
    35     define( 'WPSC_PRESENTABLE_VERSION', '3.8.9-beta' ); 
     35    define( 'WPSC_PRESENTABLE_VERSION', '3.8.9-rc1' ); 
    3636    define( 'WPSC_DB_VERSION', 2 ); 
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