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  • Updated version to 1.2 and bumped tested version.
  • Added changelog for 1.2
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  • wp-super-cache/trunk/readme.txt

    r578012 r608439  
    22Contributors: donncha, automattic 
    33Tags: performance,caching,wp-cache,wp-super-cache,cache 
    4 Tested up to: 3.4 
    5 Stable tag: 1.1 
     4Tested up to: 3.4.2 
     5Stable tag: 1.2 
    66Requires at least: 3.0 
    5757== Upgrade Notice == 
    59 = 1.1 = 
    60 Lots of bugfixes 
     59= 1.2 = 
     60Lots of bugfixes, garbage collection improved, more details at http://ocaoimh.ie/y/3i 
    6262== Changelog == 
     64= 1.2 = 
     65* Garbage collection of old cache files is significantly improved. I added a scheduled job that keeps an eye on things and restarts the job if necessary. Also, if you enable caching from the Easy page garbage collection will be enabled too. 
     66* Editors can delete single cached files from the admin bar now. 
     67* Fixed the cached page counter on the settings page. 
     68* Some sites that updated to 1.0 experienced too much garbage collection. There are still stragglers out there who haven.t upgraded but that.s fixed now! 
     69* Supercached mobile files are now used as there was a tiny little typo that needed fixing. 
     70* If your site is in a directory and you saw problems updating a page then that should be fixed now. 
     71* The deactivate hook has been changed so your configuration isn.t hosed when you upgrade. Unfortunately this will only happen after you do this upgrade. 
     72* Some sites use custom cookies with the LOGGED_IN_COOKIE constant. Added support for that. 
     73* Added support for WPTouch Pro, but it appears to be flaky still. Anyone have time to work on that? I don.t. 
     74* Some sites had problems with scheduled posts. For some reason the plugin thought the post was in draft mode and then because it only checked the same post once, when the post magically became published the cache wasn.t cleared. That.s fixed, thanks to the debug logging of several patient users. 
     75* And more bug fixes and translation updates. 
    6477= 1.1 = 
  • wp-super-cache/trunk/wp-cache.php

    r601979 r608439  
    44Plugin URI: http://ocaoimh.ie/wp-super-cache/ 
    55Description: Very fast caching plugin for WordPress. 
    6 Version: 1.1 
     6Version: 1.2 
    77Author: Donncha O Caoimh 
    88Author URI: http://ocaoimh.ie/ 
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