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updated readme to be more compliant, warn users more effectively about fixing content and improved explanations of features

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    r593503 r594067  
    66Tested up to: 3.4 
    77Stable tag: trunk 
     8License: GPLv2 or later 
    9 Preserves white space and developer edits in HTML tab AND WYSIWYG tab.  Allows inline scripts and css, full JavaScript code blocks and adds support for HTML5 block anchor tags 
     11Preserves white space and developer edits in HTML AND WYSIWYG tab.  Supports inline scripts/css, JavaScript code blocks and HTML5 content editing 
    1114== Description == 
    1316This plugin preserves the user-generated HTML markup in the TinyMCE editor.  Unlike other plugins this one allows developers to work in the HTML tab AND end-users to work in the WYSIWYG Visual tab at the same time!  No longer will your HTML markup be completely munged into an unrecognizable form when you switch between those tabs.  And you don't have to hang your users/editors out to dry when you hand off the project with a disabled Visual tab. 
    15 It also supports HTML5 Block Anchor tags, something that is currently not supported in WP even via any existing plugins. 
     18#### IMPORTANT: Please read the installation instructions carefully.  If you have existing content it will not render properly after activating this plugin until you use the Fix It Tools. 
     20(One user didn't read or follow these steps and panicked thinking I ruined their website.) 
     22It also supports HTML5 Block Anchor tags in addition to other HTML5 elements, something that is currently not supported in WordPress via any existing plugins. 
    1725Version 1.5 will probably be the last version I release for a while since my daughter will be born soon.  I've added support for full JavaScript code blocks in the HTML tab.  They are compatible and preserved when switching to Visual mode.  This rounds out the support for almost complete html preservation, with full use of the WYSIWYG editor. And you don't need to wrap comment codes around it per the recommendations located here: <http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Javascript> but you can leave them in if you want. 
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