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    1919The reasons that you might want to do this are many.  Here are seven I thought about as I made this plugin: 
    2021* You've been told by advertisers they can't advertise on your site because of the use of high risk words. 
    2122* Terms that were ok to use one year, are now considered highly offensive 
    2223* You've found you are blocked from schools and homes with content filters that are active. 
    2324* A lawsuit/DMCA issue has forced you to remove references to a certain topic or company 
    24 * Your phone number/company name/last name has changed and you want to update it on your site.\ 
     25* Your phone number/company name/last name has changed and you want to update it on your site. 
    2526* You wish to add hyperlinks to every reference of a specific word. 
    2627* You've removed/replaced a plugin and you now have short codes that don't work and you need to update them all 
    3031There are other plugins that do similar functions, including the Word Replacer Plugin, which formed the foundation of this plugin. However, the "Plus" in "Word Filter Plus" means that I've added a number of extra features.  These Plus features include: 
    3133* Passive and Active modes to allow you to temporarily or permanently make the changes to your post content. 
    3234* Batch mode is introduced already optimized to clean LARGE websites and cause no performance hit upon page load once the cleanup has been completed. 
    3436* Improved security around both the database access and the settings screens. 
    3537* Excerpts are now included in the filtered content. 
    36 * Improved help content. 
     38* Improved on-screen help content. 
    3740* Reworked the table structure to allow better default behavior. 
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