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     1<<<<<<< .mine 
     2=== SF Pages For Custom Posts === 
     3Contributors: GregLone 
     4Donate link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=UBY2MY2J4YB7J&item_number=SF-Pages-For-Custom-Posts 
     5Tags: content, page, post types 
     6Requires at least: 3.0 
     7Tested up to: 3.2.1 
     8Stable tag: trunk 
     9License: GPLv2 
     11Allows you to easily assign to a page your custom post types with a settings panel, like you can do with normal posts. 
     13== Description == 
     14Sick of creating custom page templates with a specific loop for your custom post types? 
     15This plugin allows you to easily assign to a page your custom post types with a settings panel, like you can do with normal posts. 
     17Go to Settings > Pages for C. Posts, all your public custom post types will be listed. 
     18You can choose the page where they will be displayed (of course), the number of posts per page, and also the template to use if needed (e.g. Page, Archive, Home page...). In most cases you don't have to specify a template, just let it as it is (but this can be useful with some themes). 
     19You can also choose to display a custom post type on your home page: just specify the same page as you have chosen in Settings > Reading, and optionally, specify the "Home page" template. 
     21Note that this plugin is not for creating a secondary loop in your page, it will replace the original loop. 
     23This plugin is still in beta-test, so it may not work for everybody. So far, it works fine with WP 3.2.1 and TwentyEleven for me. 
     25= Translations = 
     26* English 
     27* French 
     29== Installation == 
     311. Extract the plugin folder from the downloaded ZIP file. 
     322. Upload SF Pages For Custom Posts folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. 
     333. Activate the plugin from the "Plugins" page in your Dashboard. 
     344. Go to settings. 
     36== Frequently Asked Questions == 
     37= What is the best setting for the template option? = 
     38It depends of your theme, but generally : 
     39* If the post type is displayed in any normal page, you won't have to set a template, leave this empty. 
     40* If the post type is displayed in the front page, the best choices are probably "Page" or "Home Page". 
     42Eventually, check out [my blog](http://scri.in/pfcp) (sorry, it's in french) 
     44== Screenshots == 
     451. screenshot-1.png 
     47== Changelog == 
     49= 0.5 = 
     50* 2011/09/15 
     51* Major rewrite, stability improvement 
     52* Todo : settings page will be rewritten in the next release, you'll can choose a post type for each page, instead of the inverse 
     54= 0.4 = 
     55* 2011/09/12 
     56* First public release 
     57* Thanks to Juliobox for the security review 
     59== Upgrade Notice == 
     60Nothing special======= 
    161=== SF Pages For Custom Posts === 
    262Contributors: Grégory Viguier 
    57117== Upgrade Notice == 
    58 Nothing 
     118Nothing>>>>>>> .r509621 
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