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  • strictly-google-sitemap/trunk/readme.txt

    r367966 r468538  
    55Tags: Google, Sitemap, SEO, XML, Peformance, Memory, SiteIndex, CRON 
    66Requires at least: 2.0.2 
    7 Tested up to: 3.1.0 
    8 Stable tag: 1.0.7 
     7Tested up to: 3.1.4 
     8Stable tag: 1.0.8 
    1010Strictly Google Sitemap is a feature rich Google XML Sitemap plugin designed with performance in mind for large sites. 
    7373to get_option('blogurl') might fix this but I have not been able to test this. 
     76= I have an error = 
     78If you have any error messages installing the plugin then please try the following to rule out conflicts with other plugins 
     79-Disable all other plugins and then try to re-activate the Strictly Google Sitemap plugin - some caching plugins can cause issues. 
     80-If that worked, re-enable the plugins one by one to find the plugin causing the problem. Decide which plugin you want to use. 
     81-If that didn't work check you have the latest version of the plugin software (from Wordpress) and the latest version of Wordpress installed 
     82-Check you have Javascript and Cookies enabled. 
     83-If you can code turn on the DEBUG constant and debug the code to find the problem otherwise contact me and offer me some money to fix the issue :) 
     84-Please remember that you get what you pay for so you cannot expect 24 hour support for a free product. Please bear that in mind if you decide to email me. A donation button 
     85 is on my site and in the plugin admin page. 
     86-If you must email me and haven't chosen to donate even the smallest amount of money please read this >> http://blog.strictly-software.com/2011/10/naming-and-shaming-of-programming.html 
     87-If you don't want to pay for support then ask a question on the message board and hope someone else fixes the problem.  
     90= But I need this or that and your plugin doesn't do it = 
     92Sorry but tough luck. I wrote this plugin for my own requirements not anyone else and if you have conflicts with other plugins or require extra work then offer to pay me to do the development 
     93or do the work yourself. This is what Open Source programming should be about. I wrote this plugin as other Sitemap plugins didn't do what I wanted them to and you should follow the same rules. 
     94If you don't like this plugin or require a new feature you must remember that you have already bought a good amount of my time for the princely sum of £0. 
    7598== Changelog == 
    87110* Fixed issue that was related to Wordpress changing their tag permalink structure from using %tag% to %post_tag% in version 3.1 that was causing urls to be outputted without the %post_tag% part of the URL being replaced with the tag description. 
    88111* Changed how the gzip files are written out to try and fix a problem with SERPs not picking up gzipped files. 
     113= 1.0.8 = 
     114* Removed the sponsorship message as per the issue outlined in http://gregsplugins.com/lib/2011/11/26/automattic-bullies/ 
  • strictly-google-sitemap/trunk/strictly-google-sitemap.class.php

    r367966 r468538  
    55    public $version             = '1.0'; 
    6     public $build               = '7'; 
     6    public $build               = '8'; 
    77    public $author              = 'Robert Reid'; 
    88    public $company             = 'Strictly Software'; 
    19291929                } 
    19301930            } 
    1933             var psHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://" : "http://"); 
    1934             document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src=\'" + psHost + "pluginsponsors.com/direct/spsn/display.php?client=strictly-google-sitemap&spot=\' type=\'text/javascript\'%3E%3C/script%3E")); 
    19371932            var showimg = "' . $this->pluginurl . 'showcontent.png"; 
  • strictly-google-sitemap/trunk/strictly-google-sitemap.php

    r327424 r468538  
    44 * Plugin Name: Strictly Google Sitemap  
    5  * Version: 1.0.6 
     5 * Version: 1.0.8 
    66 * Plugin URI: http://www.strictly-software.com/plugins/strictly-google-sitemap/ 
    77 * Description: This plugin will generate a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO. This object has been developed specifically to overcome the numerous performance issues related to other sitemap plugins that regularly cause out of memory issues by reducing the number of database queries that are executed, writing the code so that formatting and URL related functions are only run once and by removing unneccessary nested loops and system functions. The plugin also offers a number of features such as inbuilt XML validation, Site Indexes, SEO Reports and Configuration and performance analysis. 
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