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02/21/11 06:35:25 (7 years ago)
  • New feature: ability to get Cache Manager addon ($) that allows to backup/restore cache and delete individual tweets
  • New feature: if you use custom field "tb_tags" for a post its value overrides actual tags and gets used by Tweet Blender for Tags widget (requested by Thomas P via GetSatisfaction)
  • Bug fix: multiple escapes for filter phrases in quotes broke searches (thanks to @drtanz for reporting via WP Forums)
  • Bug fix: problem retrieving cached tweets for hashtags when API limit is reached
  • Bug fix: filters now support words in any lanugage, not just in English (thanks to Dmitry Sh for reporting via Facebook)
  • Bug fix: Twitter default number of search results (15) was returned even when widget was configured to show more (thanks to Brent S for reporting via GetSatisfaction)
  • Bug fix: non-English hashtags support (thanks to Esben R for reporting via GetSatisfaction)
  • Bug fix: jQuery conflict with CadabraPress theme (thanks to Dave G for reporting via GetSatisfaction)
  • Bug fix: multiple tweets created at the same second by the same user had only the first one show up in the stream
  • Improvement: switched to new Twitter API endpoint for user timelines
  • Improvement: "Loading tweets" message now hides if Twitter had an error and loading is done
  • Improvement: Made admin section use the latest jquery shipping with WP and stopped bundling local copy with plugin
  • Tested with WordPress 3.0.3, 3.0.4, 3.0.5
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